Brown/RISD Hillel: The Nakba Gift That Keeps On Giving

I thought it was over, but it’s not. Actually, what am I talking about, I totally expected more nonsense to come out of that campus.

Here they were, acting as if they learned their lesson, apologizing to the students, parents, donors, and alumni for letting it happen, (after lying about it for days until I blew their cover to the extent that they couldn’t deny that they were complicit in the scandal) and then doing the same thing again the next day. They’re clearly only sorry they got caught.

The Brown/RISD Hillel exposé continues.

Most recently, a friend of mine was looking at his event calendar and saw the Nakba event they didn’t bother to conceal:



….we will also be discussing what the day means and analyze different narratives from Israeli, Palestinian, and American perspectives.

Such pretentious Ivy Leaguers that they had to feel as if they only way to be intelligent and nuanced is to be subversive against their own people. (I say this as an Ivy Leaguer myself).

How would they feel if I decided to do a workshop on young earth creationism in a science class, given the same legitimacy as evolutionary theory? These SJWs would probably flip. Well teaching the Nakba is even worse, because although young earth creationism is, in my view, just junk science, teaching the Nakba is incitement. It indoctrinates students with a narrative proven false, and encourages them to be apologetic about having not let the Arabs complete their attempt at genocide against us.

That’s not bringing us closer to peace, it’s bringing us closer to suicide.

My third thought was to unpack this:

First of all, nice to see they are actually including the Israeli perspective this time (note the sarcasm).

Second, by Palestinian narrative they must obviously mean the Nakba. So the Nakba commemoration just never ends there, does it?

Finally, I didn’t realize there was an American narrative for the founding of the State of Israel that had nothing to do with it aside from one “yes” vote at the UN.

The fact that they include the American narrative at all just reeks of J Street influence, because the whole point of J Street is to impose the “American Perspective” on Israeli policy, which means seeing a very Eastern conflict through an ethnocentric Western lens. As we know, seeing Eastern countries with a Western lens has proven quite problematic.

There’s actually a word we use for the imposition of Western ideology on Easterners: Colonialism.



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