WATCH: The Whole Two State Solution Dead Or Alive Debate

I posted earlier just my part in the Campaign4Truth’s Great Debate on the Two State Solution: Dead or Alive.

If you want to watch the complete event from start to finish as a YouTube playlist I’ve put that together for you and I’ll embed that at the end.

First up we have Ambrosine and Sharon from Campaign4Truth introducing the event and the speakers:

Moderator James Sorene from BICOM gives his introduction.

He was followed by headline act (and she obviously deserves the billing) Melanie Phillips. I think this will be a much talked about talk when people internalise what she said.

David Hirsch, UK academic and firm proponent of the two state solution came next. I don’t have a lot in common with many of his views.

Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian from Jordan who lives in exile in London came next.

Then came David Collier who was sitting (only just) to my left but I agreed with almost everything he said. To the point that by the time he and Melanie had spoken, much of my talk needed to be changed.

This is the same video I posted earlier, Brian of London talks to London.

After I spoke we all took a break and when we came back we kicked off into a debate with questions from the audience. I’ll post some notes and times to skip to just below this video.

Brian 7:15 – Treatment of Palestinians rebuttal of David Hirsch’s whining about life under “occupation”.

Melanie 12:00 – IRA and Ireland.

Melanie 15:00 – Talking about Hudna.

Social Justice Warrior 18:00 who didn’t realise Mudah was a Palestinian.

Melanie 23:00 – Rocket chucking.

David Collier 25:00 – Israel’s image, you can’t take back what you give away so easily.

South Africa question 34:00

Brian 34:20 – Identity was stolen – Rights should be responsibility.

David Collier 39:20 – Oslo.

Melanie 42:40 – differences between expectations of Israelis and Jews outside.

SJW (2) attacking Brian 46:40 – People really have to earn Human rights? [I wasn’t given a chance to answer these charges].

Melanie 47:40 – response stopping aggressors from aggressing.

The complete event as a YouTube Playlist:

And here’s what the room looked like.

Two State Great Debate room joined


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