WATCH: Brian Answers A Tricky Question


After yesterday’s video, I decided to go back and give a fuller answer to the question that James Sorene, CEO of BICOM asked me. He thinks I shouldn’t say that the Palestinians are identity thieves because it will make peace less likely.

BICOM is the UK’s sort of AIPAC type lobbying organisation but they’ve historically been hugely committed to the “Peace Process and the Two State Solution. They haven’t quite come to terms with the near complete realisation within the Israeli public that the Two State Solution is not coming about and its pursuit so far has brought nothing but pain. I’m not sure, except for moving to Israel, that people like that will ever really “get it”.

I firmly believe the vast discrepancy between the way Israel is reported outside Israel, and the awareness of being attacked that Israelis feel, contributes to the separation of views of Jews in Israel and in the diaspora.

And Jews in Israel just don’t care if their actions to defend themselves against the relentless Jihad make life harder for Jews outside. We’re going to keep smiting enemies as and when it is necessary.

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