Images From The Kerem Shalom Crossing

How dare UNRWA post this tweet!

Day after day, COGAT-Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories which oversees the implementation of civil & humanitarian policy in Judea & Samaria and Gaza Strip sends huge trucks into Gaza.

Trucks going into Gaza from Kerem Shalom

Now, UNWRA posts that a blockade is source of Gaza’s problems.

Here is just one Gaza sob story, there are way too many to share.

But I am thinking of the 1.8 million people trapped in Gaza. I am thinking of all the mothers who haven’t seen their children, the elderly, the children who urgently need medication, the students, the business people, the nation.I am thinking of that awful ghetto. Where else would such conditions be allowed?

But, the truth can be seen here in these photos.

There are nine lots at Kerem Shalom Crossing.

Kerem Shalom Crossing liquid transfer area Gaza fuelthis one is just for liquids, from cooking oil to diesel fuel.

Goods are transferred everyday, all day.

Trucks Kerem Shalom waiting to go into Gaza, one of nine areas

These two trucks, in one section, were loaded with live cows, but there is everything one could want from cooking oil to wooden beams, ready to go into Gaza.

Every truck is huge!

Truck with sewer pipes for Gaza kerem Shalom crossing

These pipes were ready to roll the day I visited the border.

Opening to Gaza from Kerem Shalom

This gate opened. There was Gaza on other side.

Trucks come and go all day long.

For a better view,

Wall with Gaza border Kerem Shalom crossing.

I climbed up these stairs to get a video.

See for yourself:

the trucks coming and going in Gaza near the Gaza crossing.

It is not a new story to smuggle weapons into Gaza, and recently chemicals to make more weapons. But huge trucks come and go all day at Kerem Shalom Crossing.

I have dozens of photos of empty and full trucks, on both sides of border.

But, there are no photos allowed of the scanners, the security personnel with guns, and the dogs. I still am not sure why the photos of dogs were not allowed.

But I have dozens more photos if UNWRA or you would like to see the failure of this blockade and the truth.

Updated June 19 with new photo.


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