Facebook Deletes Another Pro-Israel Page (Updated)

Update 28 June 11:20: the Facebook review process has reinstated the page, see end of post.

Facebook has summarily deleted another pro-Israel, pro-truth, pro-reality page for the crime of supporting the Jewish State. I’ve had my run ins with Facebook, lets see if we can raise a shout and get this reversed.

The Israel Network

Uri, who started the page writes:

Friends, I really need your help!

Facebook decided to unpublish my page, The Israel Network, for “violating the terms of Facebook Pages”. This means that the page is no longer visible, doesn’t show up in searches and can’t be reached by anyone. It has been effectively banned from Facebook. I did not receive any warnings, none of my posts have ever been deleted by Facebook, and I did not get a second chance.

So what happened? Yesterday I posted this picture of Israeli soldiers helping out a lost Palestinian boy. After a very short while, I started to get comments from anti Israel people. As the time went by, I was receiving literally hundreds of comments by anti Israel people, who were writing vile and rabid anti Semitic comments, including blood libels about Israel raping and killing Palestinians randomly, that we harvest their organs, that they would continue where Hitler finished etc. I banned dozens upon dozens of them but they kept coming. Eventually, I managed to ban most of them and it quieted down.
Today, without warning, Facebook decided to unpublish the page. It’s most likely that this was a coordinated attack by anti Semites who mass reported the page in order to shut us up. The page certainly did not deserve to be banned, as we’re very careful not to make posts that can be considered extreme. Our efforts have failed.

I have contacted Facebook through the normal channels, but I don’t have much hope that it will help. I desperately need your help in letting Facebook know that their policy of shutting down a pro Israeli page for showing support for Israel is unacceptable. I have plenty of people with influence on my friends list, politicians, reporters, newspaper editors, influential Israel advocates, page owners and regular people who I know can make a difference. If you know someone who you think can help, please reach out to them.

I’ve given over two years of my life for this page, mostly anonymously, completely voluntarily and with lots of love for my country and people. The Israel Network had just reached 37,000 Likes, our posts were getting thousands of likes and shares, was reaching people at warp speed, over half a million people a week. People were noticing. But now it’s all gone, thanks to Facebook’s documented anti Semitic policies of discriminating against pro Israeli advocates, posts and pages.
Please help me in any way you can. Like this post and share with your friends, web pages, Facebook pages, Facebook employees and tag influential people who would be willing to help Israel. Thank you.

Update 28 June 11:20: Uri’s page is back up, you can see it here. There is still an issue, however, and this needs to be explored. By taking down Uri’s page for unspecified reasons, Facebook have publicly accused Uri and blackened his character. They haven’t apologised or admitted an error. So they haven’t reversed the “lashon hora”. That’s a Jewish concept of speaking evil about someone and it’s very, very bad. So bad, in fact, that it’s enshrined into Israeli civil law. I think there is more to say on this.

The Israel Network reinstated on Facebook


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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