Guest Post (Daily Freier): “I Can’t Believe Corbyn Would Say That” Said Nobody

London: Reaction was mixed after yesterday’s Labour Party Press Conference on Anti-Semitism where Jeremy Corbyn compared Israel to ISIS, with his supporters and detractors divided as to Mr. Corbyn’s true intent with the remarks. The Daily Freier put on its peasant hat, messenger bag, and corduroy blazer and interviewed attendees as they departed the Labour/MOMENTUM Press Conference.

“I just can’t believe that the Jeremy Corbyn that we’ve known in Britain since the ’80’s would say this. The Jeremy Corbyn who hangs out with Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein. The Jeremy Corbyn who called Hamas and Hezbollah his friends. I just can’t believe that he would compare Israel to ISIS.” is a statement not made by Liam C, a Labour activist from Epping.

“This just totally caught me off guard. I mean, how can a guy who spends time with Ken Osborne and George Galloway possibly compare the State of Israel to a country that legalized sex slavery of Yazidi women?” was not remarked by Cheryl P., a Trade Union Activist who traveled to the Conference from Leeds.

“I just don’t know how Labour can stand for this” was not a reaction from Stewart F. “I mean, soon we will have MOMENTUM members accusing a female Jewish MP of being part of vast and secret international conspiracy until they leave the conference in tears while Corbyn says nothing to defend her …….Wait …. Sorry ….. That just actually happened.”

The Daily Freier was finally able to record a statement that WAS in fact made yesterday, from some random Londoner named Brian who snuck into the event. “I heard Corbyn’s really a Time Traveler from the Year 2040 sent by the Tories to turn Labour into a LaughingStock.”

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