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Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): A Little Bit About Hamas

To love and to fear at the same time.

To love your country and to fear death because you love your country and to fear the enemies of your country.

In the last generation, Israel has helped solve Middle East problems, not cause them.

Israel is not just like any country

The IDF isn’t like any army.

Our kindness and morals are unlike that of any other.

And at the same time, our anger isn’t like any anger. When someone is trying to hurt our citizens, when someone is trying to kill innocent Israeli children and women, we will show him! Believe me, we’ll give him what he deserves and what he is worth.

Let’s talk a little about the last war on terrorism.

Yeah, that’s it. Operation Protective Edge. But before, I do, let me ask you some questions:

  1. Who started the war by killing 3 teenagers?
  2. Who gave money to the terrorists’ (the terrorists who killed the 3 teenagers) families?
  3. Who started firing rockets?
  4. Who tried to kill innocent people by swimming to Zikim beach in Ashkelon?
  5. At the time of war, when Israel sent many messages to the citizens telling them to leave their houses, who banned the citizens from leaving their houses?

Oh, they’re really hard questions for “Abu Mazen” and his authority. The answer to all these questions is very simple. It’s “Hamas” or Ramallah.

hamashole4Terrorists kidnapped and killed 3 Israeli teenagers. After killing them, Hamas took responsibility for the operation, instead of promoting peace in the Middle East and trying to starting a new generation full of peace and empty of hate.

They just said “We did it and we killed the 3 teenagers.” The world remained silent. So what is Israel supposed to do about it? Are we supposed to just sit back and watch our people get killed by Hamas? The international community seems to think so. Hell no, we will fight until the last drop of blood bleeds from our body.

We’ll defend all the Israeli citizens: Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheist, Gays, Lesbians…
You know why? Because Israel is the ONLY democratic state in the Middle East.

So, we decided to start a war on terrorism not a war on Gaza. We decided to kill terrorists not innocents, and we succeeded as best we could, so what’s the story?

After every war with Hamas, Israel is calling for peace. Hamas is starting every war and they know that we’re from one of the strongest countries in the world. And they know that we can destroy Gaza. So why they’re doing this?

The answer is very simple: they want us to destroy Gaza. Why? Because if we’ll do it, they will get million of dollars. And what will they do with this much money? Do they want to rebuild Gaza?

No, they want to buy as many weapons as they can to kill innocent Israelis, whether Arabs or Jews, they just want to kill.

And here is a message from me to all Hamas supporters and all Hamas members: As an Israeli Arab Muslim whose family is in the same danger as all other Israelis from terror attacks – if not more so for being Arabs who stand with Israel – go and #&@¥ yourselves. Get a life. If you would decide to be peaceful we would be fine, we all would live better lives. But you continue the threats, the terror, the murder…. why? Who does it help in the long run? Nobody. No matter what, we are here, we’ll stand against you and to protect our beloved country.

Three words one message:


The son of a Palestinian Arab Muslim and Israeli Arab mother, Mahdi Satre is a proud Zionist Israeli-Arab.

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