NBA Players And Celebrities Off To Israel As Part Of Omri Casspi’s Foundation


Israeli NBA basketballer Omri Caspi loves Israel, his homeland, and does what he can to spread the good word. He has already brought Sacramento Kings teammates here as part of his foundation to raising awareness for Israel and the security challenges we face. He is now doing the same thing with more more players and celebrities.

I’m so excited for the 2nd annual Omri Casspi Foundation trip to Israel.
Our group this year sharing Celebrities from different platforms –
NBA, WNBA, UFC, Hollywood, so we can reach the most diverse populations, and show to the world – how beautiful our Israel really is.
אני מאוד נרגש לקראת הטיול השני של העמותה שלי ארצה.
הקבוצה שבנינו השנה מונה סלבריטאים מתחומים שונים –
NBA, WNBA, UFC, Hollywood. ‎וע״י כך נוכל להגיע לכל שכבות האוכלוסיה בכדי להראות לעולם, כמה המדינה שלנו יפה.
Jermey Piven – Actor
Shawn Marion – NBA
Amare Stoudrmire – NBA
Beno Udrih – NBA
Rudy Gay – NBA
Donald Sloan – NBA
Chris Copeland – NBAk
Georges St Pierre – UFC
Alysha Clark – WNBA
Mistie Bass – WNBA
Maria Ho – Poker

Some have already shown their excitement.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more on this trip.

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