The Truth About Haters

Ibtihaj MuhammadI find myself getting more and more annoyed at people who excuse these clowns.

They say “criticism of Israel is not antisemitic” but I believe, what is antisemitic, is when you make things up to criticize Israel. I think that if you only criticize Israel and ignore the far worse transgressions of far worse countries, then you are more than likely doing it out of Jew hatred or, if you are jewish (note the lower case j), out of a misguided desire to fit in.

I have never thought these things were difficult to see, in fact I am often baffled at how obtuse most people are about this stuff. I think it’s rather obvious and even sometimes blatant.

I called out Arabs for trying to piggyback on the struggle for native rights when it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning brain and Google that the Arabs themselves are the colonizers. They literally steal the identity of the Jewish people by claiming to be indigenous to a region that the first Arab set foot in in the 7th century. Is this mean? Is demanding consistency and critical thought really so harsh?

I was just banned for 7 days by Facebook, my horrid crime against their terms of service being posting a meme about Ibtihaj Muhammad. I was mocking the fact that after all the hoorah about her, she came in 7th. The meme said “I guess Muslims are only good at sword fighting when the other person is unarmed.” Someone reported this heinous Islamophobic post and Facebookistan decided to ban me for 7 days. A full ban by the way –  I cannot even respond to messages.

Now you may think that my ban is warranted, however I submit a few details.

When checking my page details I saw things I have reported to Facebook.

I reported a page called Electronic Palestinian Resistance who were organising DDOS attacks against Israeli companies. I received this reply

Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the Page you reported for having a credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

I then reported a page called I Hate Israhell for hate speech and received this reply

Thanks for your feedback
Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the Page you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

(Aussie Dave – I am not ok with the meme since it seems to generalize about all Muslims, but to ban Ryan over this instead of removing it while leaving up all the vile antisemitism we have seen?!)

Now back to our good friend Ibtihaj, who just happens to be a radicalized muslim with ties to some very sketchy characters. In fact at her fundraiser to raise money for her to attend the Olympics, the keynote speaker is a supporter of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman – Siraj Wahaj. A man known for declaring war on Americans and Canadians as we are “enemies of Allah” This paragon of Islamic virtue has also spoken against the “evils of homosexuality,” and has allegedly said he would burn down a proposed gay-friendly mosque in Toronto. Odd that he would appear at a fundraiser for someone representing the USA at the Olympics. Unless of course there actually was an agenda.

But wait there’s more! This woman has dedicated much time and effort to spreading lies and libel about Israel. And even better while doing so, she is also now going public that she “doesn’t feel safe in America.”

The truth is that lots of people dont feel safe anymore. As an Indian, I rarely feel safe when dealing with police, or the government, but I also know they are probably not going to cut my head off and put it on the internet. My Jewish friends know a little bit about not feeling safe – there is a reason every single JCC and most Jewish schools have armed guards. Try and find a Jewish organisation through the building signage. It won’t happen, but oddly enough, it’s rather easy to find Muslim groups buildings through signage.

I know I am ranting a bit here but I am just at the point where I’m done with morons and asshats who excuse this garbage, who tell Jews they have nothing to be afraid of while making it sound as though Islamophobia is something we actually need to be more concerned about.

The truth is that we should be very concerned about radical Islam. In Calgary, we have an Imam who attends interfaith events, talks about peace and then allows Jew hatred to be posted on his website. He attends “Al Quds” rallies meant to demonize Israel, and has posted outright lies on Facebook. I believe we should be supporting moderate Muslims, but I have very strict standards on who I think we should support.

I hope this is a lesson to the people who jumped on the Ibtihaj train, just because someone pretends to be a good person, doesn’t make them a good person.

Sometimes an asshat is an asshat.

20 thoughts on “The Truth About Haters”

  1. Tried Facebook for while, but there is too hatred and I removed myself. It is a terrorist support site will not be part of that

  2. Years and years back when being “online” and AOL was “new”… I remember being in pro-Israel and Jewish “chat rooms” and the number of anti-Semites and Israeli bashers who would come in and harass people was so sad. More frustrating was when this hatred was reported to AOL moderators…. nothing was ever done.

    Everything old is new again.

    I smiled at Ryan’s FB posting about whats-her-name. The way the media has fawned over this hateful and nasty woman- apparently for simply wearing a supremacist garment is beyond sad. We see the way Lebanon athletes have treated Israelis… another Muslim athlete has refused to play an Israeli… and of course Saudi Arabia marching in with “token” female athletes… forced to include women on their national team or face exclusion by the IOC.

    We hear frequently how Western and Western-allied Asian nations will welcome athletes of different nationalities, religions and backgrounds to live in the free world, to be trained and supported by these host countries… only then these athletes go and represent their home nations. This is the Olympic spirit.

    When was the last time Saudi Arabia went out to allow its Pakistani and Filipino guest workers access to sports training… how many Jews or “out” LGBT athletes has Iran invited to train and support within Iranian borders.

    Every Olympics there are “human interest” stories about how athletes from more impoverished nations (many times African) who though representing their home nations in the Games… trained and lived in France, Great Britain, America, Canada or elsewhere.

    When was the last time a wealthy, oil rich Muslim nation took in 3rd world Africans to help make them Olympic medal winners. There are a lot of black Africans that enter Muslim nations…. but as slaves. Yes, in the 20th and 21st centuries… black people are still bought, sold, inherited as property and owned… in many Muslim nations today. Not exactly the “Olympic brotherhood of man, embrace humanity” mantra is it?

    Anyway, i am also a Native person. I am an American Indian here in the States and am a big fan or Ryan and of the Israellycool site..; and I LOVE Israel.

    1. Shame that pro-Pali/hard-left nutters have tried co-opting American Indians and “Palestinians” as one in the same; FFS, Arabs are invaders in every single country outside of what is now Saudi Arabia!

      1. I, in person, witnessed Arabs and self-described marxists recruiting American Indians (First Nations) to participating in so-called ‘freedom flotillas’, and if that was not practical, then to support hamas any way they could….. icing on the cake, it was at a university !!!! Disgusting.

        1. JUST an FYI Lovelace is not even an indian, he is a white man who was elected chief by a small group of nebulous indians. he uses that title now to pretend to be an indian. They bring this white garbage to spread jew hate and act as a token indian but he is not even indian. and yes this annoys me

          1. Interesting… BTW, the theme was ‘colonization’ and all the other typical narratives. Not sure if it was Lovelace or the other marxist, but one of them has complaints against them from his former foster child. It seems that the foster child was kept locked-up and half starved only to be let out to provide free labour on the marxist’s summer cabin. While this was going on, the marxist’s biological kids were free to do whatever… such hypocrites.
            Then ‘alansari’… I asked he “Considering that neither you nor you parents had ever set foot ever, in Israel.. neither the undisputed part nor the disputed part, and that your name, Alansari, is only found in Hejaz (current day Saudi Arabia), who is it here that really wants to colonize an area that they are not entitled to do so?”… she just turned purple and refused to answer… the moral here is that with little effort, it is possible to expose these bigots for what they really are.

          2. Ryan & Bill thank you for this information exposing Lovelace and his fellow haters associated with the flotilla movement. Am not surprised that they try to recruit Indian people, hopefully none will respond to this farce.

            Always glad to see Ryan’s articles on Israellycool, as I know they will be straight and to the point in calling out anti Israeli and anti Jewish BS… and you comments and observations Bill about Ryan’s articles are also appreciated.

      2. I have to disagree about your statement regarding Saudi Arabia Arabs/Muslims being “native” to Saudi Arabia.

        If you remember with Muslim history… when Islam was “young” Saudi Arabia was invaded by and taken over by Mohammed and his followers. They encountered two groups of people…. “Arabic” people who had a polytheist religious culture of various gods and goddesses.

        These people were either forced to convert to Islam or were slaughtered. To this day whenever there is construction in Saudi Arabia- the labor mostly being done by brutalized “guest workers” from Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh or the Philippines…. oh, and actual black African slaves who are still OWNED and SOLD in today’s Saudi Arabia.

        Anyway… when these workers uncover archaeological evidence or pre-Islam Arabic culture… these artifacts are destroyed. These Muslims are doing science and history a huge disservice.

        ANYWAY… the “other” INDIGENOUS PEOPLE on the peninsula were JEWISH TRIBES… which the Muslims murdered or enslaved and many of the Jewish women were placed in Mohammed’s private harem as sex slaves.

        Did you “catch that???” Jewish people were living in the Arabian peninsula BEFORE ISLAM.

        Therefore Jewish people are “native” to Saudi Arabia. So, I guess Medina and Mecca need to allow Jewish immigration and some synagogues need to go up. And since Israel is a democracy…. Saudi Arabia needs to stop slavery, brutalizing guest workers, emancipate women, cease the murder of gays… and also Saudi Arabia has also executed “witches” so Pagans should be allowed to practice their religion freely.

        Since Israel allows religious freedom…. when Jews return to THEIR NATIVE SAUDI ARABIA… churches and Buddhist temples should go up as well.

        I bet today’s Saudi Arabian does not make the “connection” that IF Jews were conquered in SA after the rise of early Islam… and the Jews were already living in the peninsula… then Jews are “native” to the land.

        Saudi Arabian heads are exploding all over in regard to these historical facts and they are from Islam historians.

        1. No argument there, but Muhammad’s followers–Arabs–did spread throughout the Middle East and Levant out of Arabia following his death in the 7th century.

          1. I know CK… but I think its priceless that Saudi Arabia was inhabited by and had a thriving Jewish AND Arabic Pagan culture (where the two groups apparently “got along”) BEFORE Islam ever arrived is a historical fact that needs to be more known.

            Whenever I encounter a Saudi… I bring up the facts that Jewish tribes were in the Arabian peninsula before Islam… and the only reason they are not their now is because of Islam’s savage and brutal behavior.

            I then ask them what it is like to live on stolen Jewish land in Saudi Arabia. The looks on their faces…. its much better than “Muslim Rage Boy” and “Muslim Googly Eye Guy.”

    2. Humm, interesting… are we a thing? I am also an Israeli loving American Indian. Until stumbling across Ryan’s posts within the last year, I thought I might be the only one.. so now it appears that there are at least three !!

      1. native americans dont have to love israel. but they should be very wary of connecting themselves to the pali cause…it is not the same as yours
        palis are not indigenous to the land. their language, clothing and “culture” were not made illegal. they were not forced onto reservations…there was/is no genocide (unlike native americans, who saw entire tribes go extinct because of europeans)

      2. Dear Bill Smith… I am also an American Indian and there are more of us who love and support Israel and the Jewish community than people realize. There are also more than a few Jewish Indigenous people than most folks realize.

        Of course Jewish people are Indigenous to Israel… and somewhere else as well. Read my “other reply to CK.

      3. There are lots of us , I am not special, im just louder than most because of my experiences in the native rights struggle, that and I am Metis and we are contrary and stubborn.

  3. it is a fact that if you make a comment about mulims or arabs you will be banned on fb….but not if you make a comment about jews or any other ethnicity
    you may disagree with how ryan stated his comment….but the rules of fb are a joke

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