Ben Ehrenreich’s 10 Lies About Israel: #3 Refugees, Infiltrators, Emigrés

EhrenriechNot content to merely write a love-letter to terrorists or advocate for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish State in his “news” articles, AsAJew Ben Ehrenreich recently wrote a “Cliff’s Notes” to the Arab-Israel conflict that, unsurprisingly is wrong on almost every level. Rather than let him get away with yet more lies that place all the blame on Israel, I decided to examine his “10 Points” and took them apart one by one.

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3 Refugees, Infiltrators, Emigrés

There isn’t enough room here to fully explain the rise and perpetuation of the Palestinian “refugee” situation. Luckily, we’ve already done that here. But we can discuss the half-truths told by Ehrenreich to mislead his readers.

He is right that more than 700,000 Arabs “had fled or been expelled from their homes” during the war. But it wasn’t just “some” Arabs who “ended up in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,” it was over two-thirds of them! That means that nearly half a million people who were classified as “refugees” never even left the borders of the territory they were living in. There is no other situation in the world when such people are considered refugees, not to mention their descendants.

Next in his sights was the “free fire” policy adopted by the IDF in 1949. This was not a policy “allowing soldiers to shoot returning refugees on sight,” as he claims, but was a reaction to a threat posed by Fedayeen, armed and trained by Egypt and Jordan, who were conducting cross-border raids. Ehrenreich quickly lists the number of Arabs who died after being shot while trying to illegally sneak across the border, but he of course ignores the 340 Jews that were murdered by Fedayeen during those same years.

No discussion of the Palestinian “refugees” would be complete without reminding the world that there are now more than seven million of them around the world – a tenfold increase despite the genocide Israel is so often accused of carrying out. Absent from this conversation is the fact that no other group of people has ever been classified as refugees when coming from similar situations and certainly not their descendants. Of course, there is also no mention of the fact that had the Arabs simply accepted peace in 1947, there would have been no refugees to begin with.

The final bit of hypocrisy is when Ehrenreich condemns the Israeli Law of Return. Not only does he ignore the fact that over 35 other countries has similar laws, but the Palestinians themselves are calling for their own version of this as well as laid out in Article 13 of the draft Palestinian Constitution!

9 thoughts on “Ben Ehrenreich’s 10 Lies About Israel: #3 Refugees, Infiltrators, Emigrés”

  1. When those defenders of Israel who routinely label any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic can refrain from this conduct, then Ben Ehrenreich can be dismissed. Labeling people like Peter Beinart, Jeffrey Goldberg, Martin Indyk and others who criticize this Likud-led Israeli government as anti-Semites for their criticism only proves Ehrenrieich’s case that you cannot have a civil dialogue with some pro-Israel advocates.

    1. When they lie and those individuals do so with the knowledge that it is a lie and still do it, then the term is apt.

      You are not very conversant with the subject matter and have moved into the realm of ignorance

      1. I would counter that it is far more advantageous to those making the case for Israel to try to stick with the facts of the arguments being made and not ascribe bad motive and character to any and all critics of this Israeli government. That doesn’t seem like an unreasonable expectation to have.

    2. Norman_In_New_York

      OK, Ehrenreich, Beinart and Indyk are JINOs. (Goldberg is more honest.) Jesus was more Jewish than they are.

      1. As a Jew indigenous to the Middle East long before the diaspora, Jesus is certainly more ethnically Semitic than any of those three. But if the New Testament has any credence, Jesus left the Jewish faith of his birth during his lifetime. Not saying I’m buying it, but there are a lot of people who would swear on a stack of bibles that’s it’s true.

        1. Norman_In_New_York

          Jesus never left the Jewish faith. The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. The Gospels were written decades after Jesus’s death by writers who never knew him personally. The earliest writings in the New Testament are the letters of Paul, who actually did leave the Jewish faith. Paul also never knew Jesus personally, but did have run-ins with Jesus’s family, who thought, to put it politely, that the apostle was on the eccentric side.

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