Ben Ehrenreich’s 10 Lies About Israel: #10 Boycott

EhrenriechNot content to merely write a love-letter to terrorists or advocate for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish State in his “news” articles, AsAJew Ben Ehrenreich recently wrote a “Cliff’s Notes” to the Arab-Israel conflict that, unsurprisingly is wrong on almost every level. Rather than let him get away with yet more lies that place all the blame on Israel, I decided to examine his “10 Points” and took them apart one by one.

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10 Boycott

In keeping with the grand Palestinian tradition of hijacking unrelated causes, the BDS movement has attempted to portray itself as a modern-day anti-Apartheid movement. It doesn’t matter that all of the major Apartheid laws – the legal grounding that made Apartheid what it was – are all illegal in Israel or that the Palestinian leadership is the one side refusing to negotiate right now. BDS holds Israel responsible for everything, which is why Ehrenreich is so enamored by it.

There has a been a steady progression among Palestinian and anti-Israel “activists” to move away from “anti-occupation” phrasing to an “anti-Apartheid” movement. This is because an anti-occupation movement can be ended along with said occupation, but an anti-Apartheid movement can only end when the state accused of Apartheid ceases to exist. Ending the occupation is not the goal of the majority of Palestinians or BDS, but putting an end to the Jewish State is. All one has to do is read what BDS leaders say themselves, in their own words, and it is clear that, in the founder of BDS Omar Barghouti’s own words “definitely, most definitely we oppose a Jewish State in any part of Palestine.”

Need we say more?

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  1. I do not accept an Islamofascist state anywhere in the world – they are far worse than the South Africans ever thought of being

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