Wine Spectator Magazine Serves Up Taste Of Israel And Jewish History


The cover of the October, 2016 issue of The Wine Spectator magazine is all over Israeli wines!

The issue features a list of recommendations of Israeli wineries, taste testings, a section on kosher wines, and even a travel guide.

In addition, it features a section about:

Israel’s Transformation – Fine wine production is now part of a rich cultural tapestry as a generation of modern-minded winemakers explore what is possible in their arid land

The biggest, most pleasant surprise was a feature on the delicious wines of Judea and Samaria:

Israel’s Judean Hills: Ancient Traditions, New Wines: Learn more about the history of wine in Jewish life, the keys to kosher winemaking and what makes Israel’s Judean Hills region distinctive as Eli Ben-Zaken, owner and winemaker of Domaine du Castel, joins managing editor Kim Marcus.

The feature talks about the rich history of Jewish winemaking in Judea and Samaria! In other words it doesn’t deny the strong Jewish ties to the land, as well as the importance of Jewish winemaking in history of the region.

Way to go, Wine Spectator!



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