Palestinian Unilaterally Disengages From British Man-Date

roger waters rula jebreal


London: The Daily Freier joins the Staff of Israellycool in mourning one Big Naqba of a Breakup: The end of the Roger Waters-Rula Jebreal Couplehood. The BDS power couple, who seemed to have more sexual chemistry than Yassar Arafat and his bodyguards back in the ’70’s  that special spark, called it quits.  Rula apparently spent the morning returning all of the gifts Roger had given her, to include 3 keffiyehs, some really good hummus from Jericho, and a sturdy shovel.

When reached for comment, Mr. Rogers was despondent. “I really thought this would last forever, or until the end of Mahmoud Abbas’ First Term of Office. Same thing really.

In this time of mourning, The Daily Freier and Israellycool ask our readership to refrain from making any tasteless or inappropriate comments about the former couples’ relationship to includeOccupying Territory“, “Gaza Withdrawal“, or “Laying Pipe at the Gates of Dawn”.

Thank You.




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