Do Palestinians Deserve A State?

Obama seems to think it there is such a thing as “Palestinian land” and that Israel occupies and settles it. It would seem he believes the Palestinians deserve a state.

Do you believe Palestinians deserve a state?

Here’s the dictionary definition of “deserve”:


If you believe they deserve a state what qualities worthy of a reward do you believe they’ve shown over the last 100 years of attacking Jews and trying to prevent Jews from living in Israel? Are you rewarding reprehensible behaviour?

Which terrorist atrocity was it that finally convinced you they deserve a state?

Something old and classic like slaughtering school children in Ma’alot, hijacking aircraft or murdering olympic athletes? Or perhaps the wave of suicide bombings of restaurants, hotels, buses or queues of children waiting to party? Or something more recent, rockets indiscriminately fired at civilians, spraying passing cars with bullets or pulling out knives and trying to slash at the necks of infidels on streets all over Israel.

Which of these terrorist atrocities finally convinced you they deserve a state?

If you believe they deserve a state, they have bombed, stabbed and shot their way into your heart.

terrorist-rally-deserve-a-stateIf you say out loud they deserve a state you are one of those encouraging them to do what they did this morning: send a 14-year-old child to stab a soldier with the inevitable result. One of our young people has to live with having shot their child. If you say they deserve a state, you helped create the conditions where sending a 14-year-old girl to die at the hands of the IDF is inevitable. Of course they do it: it’s a great strategy. It convinced YOU to say “they deserve a state”.

Or do you just think they should have a state despite a century of terror because if they got it they would stop doing all these terrible things? Do you think they would set aside their supremacist claims that all of Israel belongs to Allah and their repetitive Jihadi proclamations that they won’t stop killing Jews until all of the Jewish homeland falls, once again, under the command of Allah’s soldiers and everyone here bends knee and submits to Islam? Do you think they’d even apologise for all they’ve done if they were rewarded with a state?

But you think they deserve a state! Why stop now when they’ve successfully won over someone like you to their righteous cause?

Do you really believe they’d just rest happy with their Jew-free and ethnically cleansed “West Bank” and their Jew-free and ethnically cleansed Gaza Strip and we’d never hear another angry word or grieve another of our children beheaded in their beds? Why should they stop, though, look what they’ve “achieved” through these methods. If they were rewarded with half their state through terror, why would they not think they could get the whole thing through more terror.

But at least you aren’t the only one who fell for such obvious and revolting deception. President Obama, displaying a complete and total disregard for real international law (isn’t he some kind of legal scholar?) said yesterday at the UN:

And surely, Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel, but Israel recognizes that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land. We all have to do better as leaders in tamping down, rather than encouraging, a notion of identity that leads us to diminish others.

Because, as Eugene Kontorovich has admirably proved, the legal term “occupation” as Obama is using it, is very far from applicable to Israel and, even if this was an occupation, offering another, new Arab Muslim state as a prize to the Palestinians, at the UN, is a reward for their supremacist and terrorist behaviour.

I’m absolutely committed to my Israeli and Hebrew identity and my identity is tied absolutely to this land of Israel. That shouldn’t diminish anyone else’s genuine identity.  There’s one exception though: the Palestinian Arab identity, which sprung into existence in the middle of the last century. That modern identity is constructed solely to destroy the Jewish identity in Israel. It wasn’t vigorously proposed or pursued until the other Arab States failed to destroy us Jews with regular armies and invasions. Islamic and Arab culture is a colonial invader to be begrudgingly accepted as present in Israel IF and ONLY IF it stops trying to kill us and assert its supremacy.

I know what I think: the Palestinian Arab identity certainly does not deserve a state built on the ruins of the great Jewish State and identity.

Do you still think they deserve their state?



Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.