Non-Story Of The Day: Bibi Booed? (Updated With Video)

Binyamin Netanyahu’s US trip seems to have hit a snag if this Page Six headline is anything to go by: Benjamin Netanyahu booed by audience at ‘Hamilton’

Oh no! What happened? Sounds like the audience did not appreciate Bibi politically or perhaps because they dislike Israel.

Bibi Netanyahu giving stink eye to kerry about Iran

How I imagine Bibi would look if he was booed

There was a revolutionary spirit both on the stage and in the audience at “Hamilton” on Saturday night.

Page Six is told that some in the crowd booed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he took his seat at the Broadway smash.

“The show started late because of his arrival — the heightened security slowed down seating,” said a theatergoer. “But he still entered and sat down before the lights went down, so everyone was focused on him. There was a lot of applause when he walked in, but definitely a few loud boos.”

The source said the Richard Rodgers Theatre was crawling with security guards and that there were even “airport-style body scanners.”

Revolutionary spirit?!

Let’s get this straight. When he entered, there was a lot of applause, with a few loud boos. In other words, the applause outnumbered the boos, so a more appropriate headline would have been Benjamin Netanyahu applauded by audience at ‘Hamilton’, or even Benjamin Netanyahu encounters a few boos at ‘Hamilton’. 

Of course, Page Six is a gossip site, so without exaggeration, there really is no story here.

Update: Definitely does not look like a “hostile” entrance.

Update: And now the video.

Where were the boos?

Update: The Daily Mail repeated the boo libel.


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