The Mask Has Fallen: Antisemitism Clear As Day At Columbia University


Columbia University student Rudy Rochman posted this shocking display outside the school’s entrance today on 116th and Broadway on his Instagram profile. The man, who wasn’t a student at Columbia, was seen holding a sign that said Google It: Jews Financed Slavery.

When questioned, he said that Jews were the devil, Hitler was right, and other disturbing things of a similar kind.

Says Rochman:

A man came with his antisemitic sign and started verbally insulting and physically threatening students. Most people craned their heads and walked by. I decided to be more creative. I ran to the CVS bought a sharpie and poster board and made a quick sign and stood there with him till he left.

The man experienced no opposition for about an hour after Rochman arrived and when two officers from the New York Police Department came, saw the situation, and did nothing about it. A short while later, another pair of cops came and told him to leave. He refused for a while and finally relented.

The campus police did absolutely nothing. Like everyone else who witnessed the display, they pretended nothing happened.

Folks: antisemites no longer have to hide behind a veneer of antizionism anymore. It’s officially socially acceptable on its own.



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