Woman Who Chose to Marry Anthony Weiner Thinks AIPAC Is Tacky


Picture Credit: NY Post

Washington: Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abdedin is in a bit of a pickle lately after leaked emails reveal that she had some not-so-nice things to say about the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC). Ms. Abedin, the brilliant Washington insider who married and had a child with the underwear selfie artist formerly known as Anthony Weiner AKA “Carlos Danger”, referred to AIPAC as “that crowd“.

Huma, who chose to stay with Mister Dick Pic until his Internet antics moved from “need to take a shower” icky to “need to call the FBI” criminal, felt that an AIPAC event was beneath the dignity of one William Jefferson Clinton and that the Former President was a “no go for AIPAC”, despite his having addressed the group twice as President.

Ms. Abedin, famous for having worse taste in Jewish guys than any woman since Mia Farrow, could not be reached for comment, as she is no doubt continuing her track record of dating Jewish weirdos with sexual hangups by going onto the popular website Secret Tel Aviv.







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