WATCH: The Hairy Bikers In Israel

The Hairy Bikers are British TV presenters whose current show Chicken & Egg has them biking across Europe, America, and the Middle East in search of the best chicken and egg recipes.

They recently filmed an episode in Israel, where they learned about the social history of chicken and visited the first place in the world it was eaten, among other things.

This is surprisingly entertaining and – for the BBC – fair!

5 thoughts on “WATCH: The Hairy Bikers In Israel”

  1. Mostly great, but…
    A small but significant inaccuracy around 14:05 “…when Jerusalem was split between the Israelis and the Palestinians” [sic]

    Nope, it was split between the Israelis and the Jordanians.

  2. Its… over-summarising things making it like Kosher food comes entirely from Europe… As though there arent so many Jewish origins, including so much middle eastern Kosher Jewish food……

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