Does Statement By Ryerson Student Union Border On Holocaust Denial?

Yesterday, I posted about the mass student walkout at the Ryerson University Semi-Annual General Meeting. Media outlets, such as Times of Israel, followed.

Today, the Ryerson Student Union released this statement that seems to imply that Holocaust denial is a legitimate disagreement – by claiming that motions like this one on the Holocaust “invoke many views.” It implies there is a legitimate view other than “the Holocaust was a tragedy that needs to be addressed,” a viewpoint that is positively vile and a sign these students need Holocaust education more than ever.

And the screenshot in case the post is removed.


Sorry guys, but Arab Muslims whose families lived thousands of miles away from Europe have no right to determine or revise the history of the Holocaust to suit their own pretty transparent political agenda.

Here we have it, folks. More proof that antisemitism has been normalized on college campuses, swept aside the student union execs who feel the politically correct thing to do is to accept and acknowledge Holocaust denial as a viewpoint worth discussing. Not only that, but the word “antisemitism” was not even included or even alluded to in the statement, and no acknowledgement of wrongdoing was made.

The reason given for staging the walkout was that other genocides wouldn’t be acknowledged, especially their pet “Palestinian Holocaust” that resulted in a tenfold increase in the Palestinian population in a 68-year period.

Ironically, the woman who brought forth that point of view is the head of Ryerson’s chapter of the BlackLivesMatter movement. What she did was basically equivalent to saying “#AllLivesMatter,” but of course minimization is only okay when it’s Jewish struggles. So much privilege that three-quarters of a century ago, 6 million of us were killed en masse for no reason, followed by 900,000 expelled from their homes in Arab lands, which mainstream “progressive” groups love to gaslight. But please, do go on about how we have privilege.



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