Bombshell: Ryerson Student Union President Asked Students To Leave During Holocaust Education Week Motion

Here at Israellycool, we’ve been all over the mass walkout over the Holocaust Week motion at Ryerson University (especially Lex), a move that seems clearly antisemitic. In her last post, Lex provided a recording of Omar Falasteen, a Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) executive, plotting to oppose the motion unless amended to include awareness of the “Palestinian Genocide.” This followed denials of involvement in the walkout by SJP.

But this latest revelation is the most explosive of all: A tipster has sent me a screenshot of a text message they received from Obaid Ullah, Ryerson Students’ Union President, who himself asked students to walk out and obstruct the vote!


Note the timestamp has been obscured, to protect the identity of the student, but shows enough to place the message around the time of the walkout.

I also believe the screenshot has not been photoshopped, since we know the identity of the student who sent it. They’d have too much to lose to send a fake screenshot, given the potential fallout from this.

This follows Obaid encouraging students to attend the very same meeting and vote on the various motions.

Screenshot since he removed the FB post after I published this

Obaid himself is very anti-Israel, as some of his social media posts illustrate.

obaid3 obaid2 obaid1

But the walkout went beyond criticism of Israel and into outright Jew hatred.

Given Obaid is the student union president who should be representing all students and the democratic process, this is a huge conflict of interest and betrayal.

He must be made to account for his actions.

7 thoughts on “Bombshell: Ryerson Student Union President Asked Students To Leave During Holocaust Education Week Motion”

  1. Recognize Coptic, Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian, Pontic, Berber, Baluchi, Yazidi, Maronite, Chaldean, Jewish, Laz, Serb, Greek, Zoroastrian genocides. Let’s have a victims of Islamic Imperialism and Apartheid month.

    Recognize the Arab African slave trade. Recognize the Islamic human trafficking to fill up the harems. The devsirme and janissary programs. This history needs to be brought to light.

    It might seem like a good idea to rile up the youth to hate empire – but when you realize who had and still has the empire and what they did/are doing, it will backfire.

    1. It only backfires if the morons actually read things and think for themselves. If they just imbibe the propaganda, then the producers of the propaganda get to define who is empire and who is victim, and facts don’t get in the way of that decision-making process.

      1. We need to ally with all these people and use their same tactics against them. These kids are aching to be socially just and relevant – let’s give them something.

  2. Kathy Prendergast

    Do people like Babar really not know that the original “Palestine” was in fact a lot bigger and that over 75 percent of it became what is now known as the (Arab) nation of Jordan? Is that why their maps to illustrate the “shrinking” of Palestine only go back as far as 1946? Or are they just hoping that there are enough people out there too stupid and lazy even to Google “map of historical Palestine”?

      1. Kathy Prendergast

        The invention of the “nation of Palestine” and the “Palestinian people” deserves to go down in history as the most brilliantly successful hoax of the 20th century, if not all time. Diabolical, but brilliant. And they’re still teaching kids this garbage today.

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