How Maryam From Silwad Highlights Fake Palestinian Narrative

In this world of internet marketing, having a concise, consistent and emotional message sells. As Dave pointed out #FakeNews can reach Guinness proportions.

The Sunnis and Shites can slaughter each other in the Middle East and occasionally blow up a mosque in the Far East, but when it comes to Israel, Arab PR sticks to one rebranding palestinian narrative, “a poor people suffering genocide under apartheid oppression.”

Repeated over and over, the United Nations, BDS and even the EU have bought this packaged new product, hook, line and sinker.

As long as Israel is a democracy with the likes of Yesh Din and other leftist groups free to do and say as they wish, Israel has a big problem. There is NO consistent message, but jumbled opposition positions. Shouting in the Knesset halls is to garner media cameras and attention to their political parties.

Woe is to Israel, as reality is different from the accepted narrative.

Recently, under the watchful eyes of Arafat and Yesh Din lawyers, Maryam recounted, her sad story to international journalists. It was hard to understand how many children she had, but her stories of picking figs as a young girl in her father’s mountain top land were vivid. Amona is set for destruction largely based on her “private land.”

Old Arab woman who Yesh Din used to get case to Israeli Supreme Court against Amona She smiled broadly, as she said she was “comfortable” going before the Israel Supreme Court with her case. An Arab woman living in “Area A” village of Silwad, going before any Israeli court to enter complaint against Jews, is not apartheid.

In Silwad, many parked cars had Israeli license plates, but for those of you who have not visited,

New housing in Silwad near Ofra and Amona

new buildings are going up in a variety of neighborhoods.

Arab house in Silwad, near Amona and Ofra

Who owns this house, I do not know, but it sure took a lot of figs to build. It is but one of many super-sized new buildings in Silwad – so much for the poor part of narrative.

Arab building in Silwad, near Amona

Silwad and other Arab towns are growing rapidly, to house growing populations – so much for the claim of genocide.

It is important to build narratives, when the truth is not on your side.

Too bad #FakeNews sells so well.


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