Dear “Religious” Antisemite


Dear “religious” antisemite,

I start this with the word “dear”, but you are not dear to me. Or G-d, whose name you like to invoke when quoting your scriptures. Because while I can’t speak for G-d, I am pretty sure you mocking His words in what you call the Old Testament (the Torah) does not endear you to Him. But maybe that’s just me.

Also, mocking the Torah is just plain dumb, considering your scriptures are predicated on them. You invalidate the Torah, you invalidate your scriptures.

That is the funny thing about Judaism, the religion you mock and deride. Your religion came after it, and was based on it.

You seem to think of yourself as quite the expert in Talmud, flinging out supposed quotes from the book with ease. The thing is, the Talmud is written in Aramaic and Hebrew, not the easiest languages to master, even for a Jew like me who has been learning it for over 20 years – let alone for the ignorant neo Nazis from whose websites you obtained the supposed quotes translated into English.

Needless to say, the quotes are entirely fabricated (a big word, I know, which means “made up”).

You likewise see yourself as an expert in genealogy, with a special focus on the Khazarian empire from which you claim all modern-day Jews are descended (with you conveniently being the true Jews). Newsflash: you’re not.

Similarly, I cast doubt on your cartography skills. Those maps you whip out, which are supposedly proving we do not belong in this land of ours? You clearly cannot read them, given they prove the exact opposite. And let’s face it – you can hardly find your way around your trailer park, let alone a map of the Middle East.

And don’t get me started on your grasp of history and international law.

If you allow yourself to continue being consumed with hatred, you may never realize just how wrong you are until it is too late – at which time you will get a hell of a wake-up call.

Yours Sincerely,

Aussie Dave, representative of the Synagogue of Satan

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