Wait, I’m No Longer The Most Disloyal Lawmaker in Israel?

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Listen, I take pride in my work. Being the most disloyal lawmaker in “Israel” is not easy. And as a woman you have to work twice as hard to be recognized as number one when it comes to seeking the destruction of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. But through hard work and sacrifices (don’t get me started about dating), I have succeeded against all odds.

So now some man comes along and smuggles coded messages, SIM cards and cellphones to Palestinian prisoners who kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldiers? Yeah….Basel Ghattas. Arab Lawmaker from the Balad Party. You know, the Party that I put on the map through such achievements as the time I shoved an Usher in the Knesset, refusing to sing HaTikva, and referring to ‘Israel’ in quotation marks.

But that’s just typical of the glass ceiling that exists for women. I have been in the trenches trashing ‘Israel’ for years, and this upstart comes along and Mansplains his way to being the quote unquote most traitorous lawmaker in quote unquote Israel…….I’m afraid that some people are just afraid to see a woman being named the most disloyal Member of Knesset.

You don’t understand. I bashed ‘Israel’. At a Kristallnacht Ceremony. In Holland.

I mean, really? Getting caught smuggling phones in a jail? Amateur hour. Listen. I was on a boat.

I call Arab-Israeli policemen traitors.

I said that the Hamas men who kidnapped and killed Israeli teenage hitchhikers weren’t terrorists.

But this is so typical. I guess I will be called bossy and difficult for bringing this up.

The struggle continues.



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