Hugging Antisemitism at the Labour Party Conference

I recently published in-depth research into rabid antisemitism within anti-Israel circles. Not antisemitism that denies Israel’s right to exist, or equates Jews with Nazis, but hard-core classic talk of a Jewish conspiracy.

The results were shocking, 42% of those that gathered at an anti-Israel protest, had shared posts about Zionist involvement in 9/11, ISIS being Mossad, suggesting Israel kills people for organ harvesting, that the terror in Europe are Israeli false flag operations, that Jews control the banks, the media and more. Oh, and of course, plenty of Holocaust revisionism and denial.

Although centered on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the largest anti-Israel group in the UK, the research brought to light just how connected the UK Labour party are with the PSC, and by extension, with rabid antisemitic thought.

Just yesterday the Daily Mail ran a piece on the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is a patron of the PSC, and the Mail published photos showing him out celebrating with the founders of a ‘Palestine Museum’ in Bristol, both activists who have pushed vile antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Then there is Corbyn with Tony Gratrex, not once, but twice:

Gratrex and Corbyn

Gratrex is a particularly nasty character. I have spoken to him several times (whilst wearing a disguise of a kaffiyeh and ‘free Palestine badge’), and it never takes long before he starts spouting conspiracy about ‘those that control the money’.

This is just one of the posts Gratrex shared:

gratrex 2

This is a link to the article. It contains almost every antisemitic trope imaginable, and describes the Holocaust as a myth. From the article:

“In an effort to whitewash their own egregious war crimes, the Allied Powers went along with the Zionists’ pre-meditated fictional account of six million dead Jews. At the post-war Nuremberg trials, an Allied-run kangaroo court staffed to the brim by Zionist Jews and their Allied lackeys, the truth was buried underneath a tidal wave of falsehoods. The Zionist motives for the war itself were purposefully obscured and a cartoonish propaganda narrative of “Nazi evil” was foisted upon the world to advance the victors’ post-war aims for Europe and accelerate the Zionists’ ambitions for a Jewish ethno-state in Palestine.”

And there is Corbyn, hugging the man who pushes this ideology. You cannot separate the current UK Labour party from Jew hate, nor from the PSC. This image below is of the top table of the PSC:

tapash 1The woman on the far side of the table is Sarah Colborne, the ex-Director of the PSC. To her right is sitting Ben Soffa, Jeremy Corbyn’s head of digital organising. Ben Soffa is married to Corbynite Labour MP Cat Smith. Sitting opposite Ben Soffa is Hugh Lanning, former Deputy General Secretary of one of the UK’s largest trade unions and the current PSC Chair. The woman to the left of Hugh Lanning is Arab list Israeli MK Haneen Zoabi, who was on a speaking tour of the UK at the time.

The man with the white head covering and the person squeezed between Lanning and Colborne, is the person who posted this image on Facebook, Tapash Abu Shaim.

Abu Shaim is clearly well-connected in the PSC. These are just three of his posts:

tapash 2

tapash 3

Israel is ISIS,  9/11 was a ‘Tel Aviv based job’ and suggesting 9/11 truth could be the answer to the ‘Israel/Palestine conflict’. The link to the last article is here. This from the article:

“I argued on Remember Palestine that the abundant evidence linking Israel to 9/11 provides the pro-Palestinian movement with a unique opportunity to foster such empathy among the U.S. body politic. Those in the pro-Palestinian movement, I argue, must stop shying away from the evidence linking Israel to 9/11 and must actively educate the people of the U.S. and other nations that nearly 3000 U.S. citizens were slain on 9/11 with the complicity of the Israeli government.”

The website, Veterans Today, is hard-core. If you have the stomach, you should check out their investigations into the Holocaust. Or perhaps, if I inform you that 3 months ago, they published an article titled ‘top 10 reasons to be a holocaust denier’, I can save you the trouble. Yet these are the sort of sites, the type of posts that Abu Tapash Shaim visits and shares.

This antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Abu Tapash Shaim, went to the Labour Party Conference in September of 2016. He didn’t just attend, it seems he worked on or ran the PSC stall at the conference.

Here he is with Angela Rayner,  the current UK Shadow Secretary of State for Education. I wonder if part of her planning for UK education, MP Rayner wants to take on 9/11 truth or Holocaust denial?

Angela Rayner

Whenever ‘Palestine’ turns up in a left-wing ‘shindig’, all the ‘trendies’ come to gather. The fact that so many of these activist push antisemitic conspiracy theory, isn’t enough to stop them standing in front of a camera.

Here is current UK Shadow Chancellor, John McDdonnell:

John McDonnell

Together for peace and justice for Palestine. And perhaps a little 9/11 truth and Holocaust revisionism on the side. Just so nobody thinks, Tapash is just a photo bomber:

John McDonnellAnd this love fest between the antisemitic ‘9/11 truther’ of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and Labour UK hierarchy goes on: Here is MP for Islington South and Finsbury, Emily Thornberry:

Emily Thornberry

Hugh Lanning is also in the photo, as is Israel hating, Asa Winstanley, a ‘journalist’ who frequently writes for The Electronic Intifada.

Sinn Fein didn’t want to miss all the action, so here is another MP, Mickey Brady:

Sinn FeinThe Labour members in the House of Lords didn’t want to miss a little hug action with 9/11 truth and rabid antisemitism either. Here is Lord Thomas Pendry:

Lord Thomas Pendry

Other ‘friends’ of Israel also joined in the love fest. Here is Jon Snow:

Jon Snow

So whilst Al-Jazeera spent their time at the conference looking for a Jewish conspiracy that didn’t exist, the PSC stall was manned by someone who pushes antisemitic Jewish conspiracy talk. A man who shares Holocaust denial websites.

The research I published showed that you cannot gather these activists together, without bringing hard-core antisemitism into your home. Just like the Labour Party conference. A real antisemitic Labour love-fest.


David Collier

19 years in Israel between 1987 and 2006. Now back in the UK, researching and fighting against antisemitism. Working undercover at BDS events, mixing with the haters, and well, yes, telling you all about it.

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