Richard Silverstein Shills for Hamas (Yet Again)


For quite a while now, anti-Israel Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein has claimed the Hamas Charter – which calls for the murder of Jews among other things – has no relevance. For example:

Which makes this tweet of his today yet another example of how he cannot even keep his own story straight.

If the Hamas Charter is as irrelevant as he has been claiming for so long, why does he care they changed the language? Why does this represent a “Major change” as he tweeted?

The answer is Silverstein is guided by his pathological hatred for Israel. When it is convenient to dismiss the Hamas charter, he does. When it is convenient to point out how they are doing away with antisemitic language, he does. He will even dismiss talk they target civilians, attack palestinians who criticize Hamas, and….well, take a look for yourself here under “Defending Muslim and palestinian terrorists or otherwise trying to minimize/explain their crimes or compare to Israeli actions”.

Sick Dick.

Update: He has now even blogged about it. Note how he portrays Hamas as the reasonable ones, and the Israeli government as the extremists.

Hamas to Rewrite Charter, Accept Palestinian State in 1967 Borders, Leading to Egyptian Rapprochement

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