WATCH: They Love Child Murdering Women Terrorists


Rasmea Odeh, the terrorist being idolised in the US by Linda Sarsour, some feminists and liberals, is not the only woman terrorist who’s admired in Palestinian society. Here’s an excerpt from a recent PA TV show commemorating both International Woman’s day and one of their bloodiest “operations”.

The terrorist woman she’s talking about, Dalal Mughrabi, is probably one of the most admired women in Palestinian society today. Sick. [UPDATE] This is a picture of a different Palestinian woman terrorist, Leila Khaled, who helped hijack a plane in 1969 and was later released in a prisoner exchange: Here’s a picture I took of a wall in a UNRWA Refugee Camp in Bethlehem in November:

For much more detail on her and the horrors she inflicted on a bus load of school children, PMW has all the details.

In yet more woman terrorist news, the US Government has suddenly made moves to extradite from Jordan another Palestinian woman terrorist (though born in Jordan) who was responsible for logistics, planning, and driving a suicide bomber to his target: the Sbarro Pizza restaurant in Jerusalem. You can read more details from the blog of my friend whose daughter was murdered by Ahlam Tamimi. Of course the surname is a clue, she is related to the now mostly grown up, Shirley Temper (Ahed Tamimi) who admires her relative greatly.

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