So How Do You Fake a Hunger Strike During Ramadan?

The Daily Freier and Israellycool investigate a trend in fastingBy Marwan Barghouti

May 27, 2017

Hey gang! Big Marwan over here, and welcome to “Blogging with Barghouti! Coming to you from the belly of the beast in the Zionist Entity’s biggest, baddest, most inhumane jail. The jail that STILL does not comply with our inalienable rights to 20 TV channels, cell phones and unlimited magazines (No. Really. that’s our demand!) Which is why we are still conducting our steadfast and honorable hunger strike. Refusing food: No bread, no vegetables, no meat, no nothing.

Anyhoo, Ramadan started today. No eating or drinking from dawn ’til dusk. Forbidden. Kinda strict. Which raises an important philosophical question. Suppose you know some guy. Lets call him “Narwan“. So “Narwan” is on a hunger strike, but he tends to “march to his own drum”. Like he’s been known to sneak a chocolate bar in the loo when nobody is looking. Again, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Maybe he eats….oh I don’t know, a Tortit Brand chocolate bar. With its seductive melange of milk and chocolate. Just sitting there all day. Tempting you. Begging you. Saying “Hey big guy. Over here. I’m all alone waiting for you Marwa….”

Whoah!!! Where we?? Oh yeah…. “Dudes who fake a hunger strike during Ramadan“. So again, some big questions here. I mean, should he only secretly eat Tortit chocolate during the hours of darkness? And what about Iftar? Can he pause his fake hunger strike long enough to break the fast at sundown? Wait. Tortit’s Halal, right?


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