WATCH: Ivanka Trump: Standing At The Western Wall Was “Beyond Special”

On Fox News’s “Fox and Friends,” Ivanka Trump has described her time in Israel, including at the Western Wall.

The experience clearly moved her.

6 thoughts on “WATCH: Ivanka Trump: Standing At The Western Wall Was “Beyond Special””

  1. so she doesnt know that the western wall and the kotel are one in the same
    damn good conversion course she went through

      1. is that an inaccurate quote?
        “first time a sitting president was at the western wall and had visited the kotel”
        and the flight from saudi arabia directly to israel was not historic
        and ivanka is a grifter
        and you are a rube

        1. Norman_In_New_York

          So what about that quote? She described a spiritual experience, which is the point of this posting. She also said that she never expected the degree of viciousness that would be aimed at her and her family, the same viciousness with which you insult me.

          Trump won the election. You lost. Get over it. And if you can’t, see a shrink.

  2. I agree with your post re Nikki Hayley. It would have been more special if the Trumps had been at the Kotel as “one of the people” instead of clearing everyone out to make sure they took good photos.

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