The Telegraph’s Attempt To Make Tommy Corbyn’s Antisemitism Sound Cool


The Telegraph has a piece on Tommy Corbyn, son of UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The entire piece attempts to pain young Corbyn as a cool heart-throb. So cool, in fact, that even his antisemitism is badass!

I kid you not. Their word, not mine.

No pin-up is complete without a side portion of badass. Have we mentioned his role in the Palestinian Solidarity Society? Last year, the group prompted national outcry for their production of Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children, a play shrouded in anti-semitic controversy.

Described by journalist Christopher Hart as ‘straight-jacketed, political orthodoxy,’ the 10-minute play consists of seven scenes set over 70 years in which a group of Jewish adults discuss how best to tell their children about modern Jewish history.

It prompted a vehement response from York’s Union of Jewish Students, who said at the time : “The decision to host the anti-semitic play Seven Jewish Children takes them beyond criticism of Israel and deep into the territory of anti-semitism.”

York University said: “Caryl Churchill is an award-winning playwright . . . The proposal for staging the play went through our normal procedures. As an institution we are committed to the principles of free speech.”

And in case they take it down:

But why am I not surprised?

Update: Hearthrob? More like Hobbit!

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