Exporting How To Kill To The UK


The Manchester suicide bomber watched videos from Gaza to learn bomb making. Israel is the canary. When the world stops us from dealing effectively with Islamic terror in Gaza, eventually the world suffers just as we do.

The Times (£):

A source with knowledge of the police investigation said that Abedi is believed to have accessed videos online containing information about how to construct various devices, including those using TATP. Abedi downloaded material from a range of online sources, including the dark web, and the YouTube information was one part of a wider online picture, it is understood.

After the Manchester attacks a 22-minute video on YouTube and Facebook emerged, called “Jihadi ideas for lone lions”. It provided instructions on how to make the type of explosive used by Abedi.

The video, produced by Ibn Taymiyyah, a Gaza-based group that supports Isis, showed a chemist making the explosive from scratch using items such as a funnel and coffee filter. “The filling can be used in closed places like restaurants and buses,” the video says. “After the explosion, it’s better to directly enter the place and eliminate those who are still alive, Inshallah.” It has been taken down.

In other Palestinian Arab export news, exactly as I predicted, the UK is now on an extensive campaign of making London look ugly to protect themselves from Palestinian Arab terror tactics just as we do in Israel an just as I predicted here. What have the Palestinians ever done for us?

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