WATCH: Tzipi Hotoveli vs Hostile Aussie 60 Minutes Reporter Liam Bartlett


Ten years ago, I wrote about the first story journalist Liam Bartlett filed for Australia’s 60 Minutes.

Back in the days when I lived in Western Australia, Liam Bartlett was a newsreader/radio announcer for Perth’s ABC. He has now progressed to being a reporter for Australia’s 60 Minutes.

The reason I mention this is that his first story for 60 Minutes – dealing with Australians fighting for the IDF and for Hizbullah – is now online. It is fascinating, and I think deals fairly with the subject matter (I also happen to remember the young Perth man interviewed, from when he was just a child). Liam manages to show what motivates these young men and women, and shows an understanding for the Israeli side. Richard Carleton he ain’t.

10 years is a long time, and judging by Bartlett’s latest offering, I’d say he has emulated Richard Carleton after all.

On the plus side, Tzipi Hotoveli killed it – despite the (minor) errors in English.

The full story is available here, but I cannot access it outside of Australia. But I assume from the description and above interview, it is anything but balanced.

Update: More from the story, as tweeted by Bartlett, confirms my suspicions about the bias of this report.

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