Useful Idiots In Jerusalem

On Monday, while Jerusalem was exploding from riots by Palestinian Muslims angered at the “humiliation” of having to walk through metal detectors in order to reach the Temple Mount (as though they were Jews!) another incident took place that according to some “broke the Internet.”

24-year-old Nidal Aboud, a Palestinian Christian, stood in line with hundreds of Muslims and prayed afternoon prayers in Wadi al-Joz.

The Internet was abuzz with people talking about how it was a beautiful moment of interfaith community building and of course Palestinians used it as a way to show that even though the Palestinian Christian population is disappearing due to harassment from Islamists, all Palestinians are united.

There’s just one problem: Had these Muslims been praying on the Temple Mount as they were protesting for, Aboud would not only not have been welcome, he would have been breaking the law! It isn’t just Jews who are prevented from praying there, it is all non-Muslims.

Aboud said, “I asked my Muslim friends for their permission to pray between them. They were asking me to stand beside them.” But that is only because they were not praying at al-Aqsa like they claim they wanted!

Just like his gullible Western counterparts bullying Jews on campuses in Europe and North America, Aboud is protesting in support of people who do not actually reciprocate his tolerance. Like the anti-Israel LGBT marchers in Chicago who would not be able to march in Gaza or Ramallah, Palestinians are happy to tout Aboud’s support without showing solidarity for him in return. As long as he asks their permission, and restricts his prayers to where they allow him, Palestinian Muslims are more than happy to have his support. But were he to cease acting like a submissive dhimmi and pray without asking for permission at a place Muslims claim as their exclusive holy site, he would be lynched.

Talk about a useful idiot.


Judean Peoples Front

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