Berl Katznelson On Self-Hating Jews

There is a movement among Zionists on the Left in Israel to commemorate Labor Zionist leader Berl Katznelson with his own day of remembrance, in the same way that Revisionist Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky is. While I am firmly in the Revisionist camp, I recognize that Israel would not have been reestablished without the hard work, steadfastness and vision of many pioneering Zionist leftists like Katznelson and he is surely worthy of a day in his honor.

We were again reminded of the clarity of thinking when we saw the latest article by Naomi Dann of Jewish Voice for Peace Palestine in the Forward.

We won’t link to it because we don’t want to drive traffic to such a disgusting screed. But you can find it here:

Suffice it to say that Dann has decided that she does in fact agree with Alt-White leader Richard Spencer on one thing: anti-Zionism. Rather than engage in serious introspection at the fact that the core of her identity is shared by a rabid racist & Jew-hater, Dann instead argues that in just this one instance, Spencer is correct.

I have already explained why Zionism is in no way comparable to white nationalism, but am not surprised Dann hasn’t read it. Jew-hatred, like all forms of bigotry, clouds the mind and blinds one’s vision to anything that contradicts it. JVP’s entire reason for being is to act as a blue-and-whitewashing shield for Jew-haters and after defending Jihadists for years, it is not surprising they are now doing so for Nazis as well.

Sadly Dann and JVP are not special or new as Jewish Jew-haters have been around as long as Jews have. Katznelson saw this self-hatred for the sickness that it is:

No, Ms. Dann, Richard Spencer isn’t holding a mirror up to Zionism, he’s holding it up to Jewish Jew-haters like yourself with whom he agrees. Sadly, the Jew-flu is alive and well today and whether Right or Left, Revisionist or Labor, Katznelson’s distain for self-haters resonates with all Zionists.


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