Britain’s Channel 4 Chooses Islamic Racist & Antisemite As Female Muslim Role Model

A few days ago, Britain’s Channel 4 had a video on Muslim women “fighting back by rejecting stereotypes,” and tweeted it out.

One of the women was Nadia Chan.

The video was subsequently deleted – the reasons for which will become clear in a second – but has been uploaded here:

After the Channel 4 tweet was published, social media sleuths were able to uncover Nadia Chan’s own tweets, revealing her horrid racism (including antisemitism), terror support and general expressions of desire for violence against non-Muslims (including genocide against Israelis/Jews).

Her twitter account has also been deleted.

What I want to know is what was Channel 4 thinking? She describes herself as an “anti-colonialist Islamist”!

14 thoughts on “Britain’s Channel 4 Chooses Islamic Racist & Antisemite As Female Muslim Role Model”

  1. “What I want to know is what was Channel 4 thinking? She describes herself as an “anti-colonialist Islamist”!”
    You know, and I know, that those words are an oxymoron. But the politically correct folks at Channel 4 do not know this, or choose not to recognize it.
    “Anti-colonialist” means anti-Western colonialism only, because what other colonialism has ever existed, don’t-ya-know. And “Islamist” means practitioner of a beautiful religion of peace, don’t-ya-know. As opposed to “Islamicist” you see.

    This is why they were caught off guard.

    1. I beg to differ, but “anti-colonialist Islamist” is not an oxymoron in her deluded universe, and would constitute blasphemy if it were understood literally. She simply means, I’m against non-Muslims colonizing or controlling Islamic lands – and if those peoples now in power are the indigenous population that is irrelevant, it’s still colonialism because I say so. However, since Islam is the right way and no more than true (pre-corrupted) versions of Judaism and Christianity, the spread of Islam cannot be colonization but liberation.
      After all, in her world, words only mean what she decides not what the listener understands. That is why, when an Islamist talks about “peace” what he refers to is the state of the world after the triumph of militant Islam – that Westerners interpret the word “peace” as a state that allows different peoples to live side by side in harmony is of no moment.

      1. I’m not disagreeing with you. You’re addressing what she meant when she said it. I’m addressing what the Channel 4 personnel who retweeted her thought she meant when they read it.

    2. There is only Dar al Islam, and Dar al Harb. Which means the whole world must eventually belong to Islam. But that’s not colonialism – it’s the holy will of Allah.

  2. Why not select this racist trash as a role model. Linda Sarsour and Rasmea Odeh have become darlings of the U.S. radical Left. A sad commentary on what the “human rights” movement has become when terrorists are their role models.

    1. No one on the left agreed there would ever be consistency. Just as long as they praise terrorists and hate the west/capitalism.

      1. The left has done lost its mind.
        From the crazy bathroom wars, to embracing Islam, I’ve had it with them.
        Yet I still consider myself progressive. I believe in human rights, protecting the environment, being kind to animals, and using debate over violence.

  3. Like the British “National Treasure” Andy Choudary, Nadia the Islamist Rage Grrl is one of a particular brand of Muslim nutbars we seem to have saddled ourselves with in this country. Successive govts have either ignored or facilitated these idiots in their selective victimology narrative, giving them free reign to spout their moronic 7thC theocratic fascism for fear of being called a racist. Having these ppl on the news is likely seen by some of the more intellectually and morally challenged in the media as “edgy”, “pushing the diversity trope to its limit”, “giving everyone a voice” etc. Some of these Ch4 and BBC bods (and to be fair some of their viewers) are really thick as mince tbh – they need to get a clue!

  4. She ain’t anti colonization or she wouldn’t an Islamist.

    Why hate confederate supporters in America? They are anti colonialist too. They had slaves and want to bring back their failed empire. They sound like Islamists.

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