Gaza Boat Convoy Twitter Account Makes Weinstein-Gate About The Jews


A few months ago, I posted about Gaza Boat Convoy, a Twitter account whose name suggests anti-Zionists, but who tweet out some of the most vile antisemitism imaginable. At the time, they were calling for my arrest – because I expose vile antisemites like them.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I have not been arrested, nor have they stopped with the antisemitism. But now, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, they have more material.

Less about solidarity with Gazans and more about disseminating hatred against Jews.

Incidentally, they have also retweeted someone we are familiar with, but who really does make it about the “Zionists” and not the “Jews”

Meanwhile, remember Tablet’s The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein article?. Despite repeated calls to take it down, it is still up, weeks later, and their self-proclaimed “troller of Nazis” Yair Rosenberg has still not even mentioned it.

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