ADL Rips Sarsour/JVP Panel on Antisemitism: “Like Oscar Meyer Leading Panel on Vegetarianism”


Yesterday I posted about the ridiculous and offensive panel on antisemitism led by the likes of Linda Sarsour and JVP, themselves no friends of the Jews.

Now the ADL has caught wind of it, and their CEO Jonathan Greenblatt hates the idea as much as me and other reasonable people out there.

It’s just a shame he used a US-specific reference and spelled ‘Oscar Mayer’ (the American meat and cold cut production company, owned by Kraft Heinz) as ‘Oscar Meyer’ (no-one in particular) – because it took this Aussie a little bit of time to work out the comparison. But I got there in the end.

Greenblatt continues:

I look forward to Sarsour’s reaction to this. Perhaps she will claim the ADL is not qualified to speak on matters of antisemitism because they are a Zionist organization

And yes, I joke, but will not be surprised if she is actually says this.

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