The Ten Most Viewed Israellycool YouTube Videos of 2017


In 2017, people viewed videos on the Israellycool YouTube channel almost 382,000 times, representing 468,000 minutes (7800 hours or 325 days – almost a full year of viewing!)

But what were the most viewed videos on the channel in 2017?

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10. The Stranglers Slam Roger Waters And BDS As “Ignorant”

Originally posted in November 2016.

Views: 10.5K

9. What Those “Palestine” Maps Really Show

A debunking of an anti-Israel video, this represents the only video on this list I actually created myself.

Views: 11.4K

8. Dutch MP Kuzu Refuses To Shake Hands With Binyamin Netanyahu

Originally posted in September 2016, this video contains to be one of the most viewed on my channel. In total, it has been viewed over 100,000 times.

Views: 12.1K

7. Barack Obama Interview With Israel’s Channel 2 (Excerpt)

Views: 13.5K

6. Moment Terrorists Neutralized on Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Views: 18K

5. East Jerusalem Village Head: We Want to be Under Israel, Not PA


4. Shirley Temper & Friends Attacking Patient IDF Soldiers

Views: 19.5K

3. Terrorists Shooting At Israeli Security Forces Outside Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

Views: 22K

2. Ivanka Trump Describes Her Time In Israel & At Western Wall

Views: 25K

1. Israel’s Baseball Team Wearing Kippot During Hatikvah

Views: 31.3K

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