Roger Waters Praises ‘Shirley Temper’ and Lorde As “Courageous Young Women”

Nothing surprising about the fact Waters would put out a statement like this:

Update: Lorde and Ahed Tamimi

Christmas 2017 will be remembered for two courageous young women. Lorde, because you made a stand for human rights, becoming the first of a new generation on the barricades in defense of equality, justice and liberty, and 16 year old Ahed Tamimi because she slapped a heavily armed soldier, one of the army that has brutally occupied her people’s land for the last 70 years. The soldier was lounging against the wall in her family’s yard, a few minutes after one of his unit had shot her un-armed younger cousin in the head with a rubber coated bullet. Her cousin was put in a medically induced coma. Ahed is in prison.

Much respect and love to you both.

In solidarity,

Roger Waters

It makes sense he would praise Lorde for making “a stand for human rights…on the barricades in defense of equality, justice and liberty.” Except for those poor Crimeans who have been the subject of Russia’s arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment, torture, and extra-judicial executions. And those LGBTQ folk affected by Russia’s anti-LGBT “Gay Propaganda Law.” Oh, and let’s not forget the victims of Assad’s genocide in Syria supported by Putin. Yup, they don’t count in Water’s book either, considering he will be playing two dates in Russia as part of this year’s US+THEM tour.

It also makes complete sense he would praise Ahed Tamimi for slapping a “heavily armed” soldier, even though if we were as evil as he claims, she would not live to tell the tale (and would be in most other places in the world, especially Russia). I guess he does not truly value her safety or actually does realize after all that the IDF shows incredible restraint. And naturally, he would ignore her call for terrorist attacks against Israelis (or actually sees it as legitimate “resistance”). Note also his mention of “her people’s land” being “brutally occupied” for the last 70 years. He is delegitimizing Israel’s very existence here, and not the so-called occupation of lands recaptured by Israel in 1967.

So no surprises here. Roger Waters has just confirmed what we already know about him – and none of it is good.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media