A Whole Bunch of New Lies Surrounding Shirley Temper


I think I may need to rename Ahed Tamimi “Shirlie Temper”, because everything about her and her story does not seem to hold up to the truth.

Those Random and Brutal Soldiers

In this interview with the vile Abby Martin from a few years ago (but being recirculated now), she claims “at any time I can expect a soldier coming towards me to shoot me and kill me. This feeling affects us permanently.”

Does it make any logical sense whatsoever to actively approach such apparently random and brutal soldiers and start slapping them around and kicking them?

This reminds me of her claim last year that she was “scared to even go outside or visit my friends.”

Who Slapped First?

The detestable George Galloway outright lies in this next video, claiming the soldier slapped Tamimi first.

The video of the encounter is available for all to see, and even the Tamimi clan did not claim the soldier slapped first. So this is just another example of Galloway making things up.

Daddy Dearest

In this interview doing the rounds, father Bassem Tamimi is painted as a father incredibly worried about his daughter’s safety.

While one could assume a father would worry about his daughter, this is no ordinary father. This is one who encourages his daughter to attack Israeli soldiers, So forgive me for calling BS on this as well.

If anything, he has probably instructed his daughter to attack the police escorting her.

Not only that, but in a recent interview, he knew the videos they posted to Facebook would land her in jail, and that it’s a price they’re willing to pay for “the people”, and even discouraged her from making a plea deal.

They Still Cannot Remain Consistent About Her Age

As I have shown a few times in the past, while the media reported her age as 16 or 17, there were other indications she may even be 18 going on 19. According to Jewish Press, the Israel Prison Service has her birth date is January 31, 2001, which makes her 17 in a few weeks.

Be that as it may, the Israel haters have still tried to make her out to be younger than she is, even if by months. As I noted, her birthday seemed to be around early February. Yet some have claimed definitively it is March 30 (which is what Wikipedia currently tells you).

Yet other haters confirm my suspicions and what the Israeli Prison Service has as her birthdate – January 31.

One has to ask why all the inconsistency surrounding her age.

Transparent Intersectionality

Everything about the Tamimis is contrived for the camera, especially when it comes to their children, in order to elicit the maximum amount of support. This recent video of Ahed’s cousin Janna Jihad (also being circulated) shows this.

Notice first her “American accent.” Compare it to her accent here in this video, taken from a tour of South Africa last year.

I do not think it is my imagination that in the recent video, she sounds more “American.” Plus look at her shirt.

Knowing what I know about the Tamimis, I believe both these things are deliberate, designed to appeal to a mainly African-American base in a echoing of the kind of “intersectionality” strategy Linda Sarsour has pursued.

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