WATCH: Hideously Antisemitic BDS-Holes Forget They Are Supposed to Hide their Jew Hatred


A group of BDS-holes have staged a bizarre protest at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Someone impersonating a caricature Jew, with Kippa, Jewish accent, large prosthetic nose and ears? Check

Impersonator ranting about killing “any children who stand in our way”? Check

Impersonator with girl (‘Ahed Tamimi’) imprisoned in a bubble? Check

Rolling the bubble over the Israeli Jewish Steven Spielberg’s star? Check

It is like they are not even trying to hide their disdain for Jews anymore.

Update: This was an event organized by an “artivist” called Jil Love. She seems to be the one playing the role of Ahed Tamimi in the bubble (hat tip: Daniel Day Jewish).

The guy playing the Jew is an actor called Danny Wolverton

He was a contestant on Americas Got Talent.

I wonder what he means by this.

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