Israel Hater Argues South Africa Should Boycott Israel and Just ‘Take’ Our Water Secrets


Self-proclaimed “multimedia journalist” 

Responding to this op-ed about South Africa’s folly in rejecting Israeli help to solve their water crisis, Akoob posits that Israel has no particular expertise in water technologies and, besides, someone else can just learn what Israel has done (which is apparently nothing, according to her), and copy it.

Yes, the argument is that dumb and contradictory.

A number of articles have been written by Zionists telling Capetonians they would have water had they taken help from Israel. An editorial in the Jerusalem Post earlier this week says South Africa is in no position to refuse help from Israel. Why? According to them, Israel is the “world leader in desalination, water recycling, water preservation and irrigation”.  This is not true. If Israelis have sufficient water, it’s only because they deny water rights to Palestine.

This is demonstrably false. And when even Ha’aretz publishes reports showing the otherwise is the case, you know you have a problem!

The control or destruction of Palestinian water supplies predates the 1967 war. From the Nakba [when Palestinians were expelled from their homes] in 1948, Zionists would ruin Palestinian water supplies as a way to prevent villagers returning to their homes.

Palestine’s water control was taken over officially after the illegal occupation of the West Bank in 1967, This was done under an “agreement” which stated that “the Israeli side shall transfer [water] to the Palestinian side”.

The JPost editorial says that in spite of five years of drought, Israel have not needed to resort to rationing or to raise water tariffs. But according to The Amnesty International report into the water crisis in Palestine called “Troubled Waters Palestinians denied fair access to water”, Palestinian consumption is rationed to 70 litres of water a day and in some areas 20 litres a day. Each Israeli uses almost four times the amount at 300 litres a day.

The Amnesty Report Akoob references is from 2009. That’s right – she had to dig up something almost 9 years old to make some kind of point. And even then, the report has been discredited.

According to a recommendation by the World Health Organisation each person should have access to 100 litres daily while the minimum amount recommended for emergency situations sits 20 litres a day.

The wall built by the Israeli government is used not just to imprison Palestinians but also cut Palestinians off from water supplies. The Israeli argument is that the wall is to prevent terrorist activities between West Bank villages and from coming into israel. The intentional denial of water access is a method to oppress the people of Palestine, and is a slow genocide.

Yep, apparently really slow.

The Western Aquifer which has the highest water quality in the region belongs to Palestine but was also seized by Israel. Palestine only receives 6% of its water.

Funny how Akoob makes absolutely no reference to this news from late last year.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Thursday announced an agreement that will provide millions of cubic meters of drinking water to the Palestinians from a desalination process.

The water sharing deal reached on Thursday calls for an Aqaba desalination plant in Jordan to sell water to southern Jordan and Eilat, while water from the Sea of Galilee will be sold to northern Israel and Jordan. Israel will sell 32 million cubic meters of water to the Palestinian Authority from Mediterranean desalination plants — 10 million to Gaza and 22 million to the West Bank — according to Bromberg, whose organization is heavily involved in water research and advocacy.

But here’s my favorite part:

We can also boycott Israeli state assistance and draw on documented information produced within in Israel if necessary. There are water experts from other countries capable of understanding Israeli measures without the Israeli government’s prejudice. The refusal of the Israeli government’s direct assistance can highlight the injustices in Israel including water-based domination of Palestinians. A boycott is particularly important on this issue.

Of course, according to this genius, Israel’s offers to help are not genuine. Water-washing, if you will:

Israel’s continued efforts at trying to give South Africans advice should been seen for what it is, a shameless display of their disregard of human rights. Stealing water in an attempt to oppress people is nothing but a colonial strategy. The government has done well in denying any help from state of Israel. South Africa does not need the help of the colonial, apartheid state of Israel which continues to use water as a method of colonisation and segregation.

Yep, I could not follow her logic either.

This screed included the following graphic. Note the part I marked, which basically shows how the palestinians have been their own worst enemies (as usual).

As for Akoob, all you need to know about her (besides the above article) is how much she loves a good terrorist.

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