What The Heck Are They Thinking: SJP Edition

Want to know how this: 

became this?

For those who wonder what in the world these anti-Zionist, non-Zionist, post-Zionist, (or whatever new term they come up with) Jews are thinking and feeling (consciously and subconsciously), look no further, because I used to hang out with these people.

Jewish Voice for Peace/Students for Justice in Palestine – People don’t go this far and join JVP just to feel part of the SJW trend, there’s more to it here:

“My parents are apathetic about politics, progressive themselves, or think I’ll get this out of my system and grow out of it, so they probably won’t care if I go against the opinion of my community to get lauded as a hero, which is sooo worth it! If Israel has to do so many awful things to exist then maybe it shouldn’t. And as a Jew i can’t stay silent, being a hero is way too much fun!”

Type 1: The Jew who made a close Arab friend

“I met Mohammed in the student dorms, he hangs out with the same crew in the lounge that plays fuseball after my 6pm class. One day he saw me studying in the computer room and noticed it was a class he took last year and offered to help. Before you know it, we became bros and he started introducing me to all his friends from the Muslim Cultural Center. After a few months I got close with them and after a long poker night that lasted into the early hours one of his friends, Saeed, started talking about how his family was kicked out of Palestine by the Jewish army and I felt soooo guilty!

I grew up going to Hebrew School where I learned that they just fled and that we helped the desert bloom since there was barely anyone there. I can’t believe my own people lied to me all my life! I can’t believe my people did that, Saeed is so nice. His family invited me for dinner, and his grandma wore a key around her neck from their house in Acre and recently gave it to his sister as a reminder to keep fighting for the liberation of Palestine.

My heart seriously melted, I can’t get over what my people did and what resilience and kindness they show in the face of it all. I asked him “what can I do to make amends as a Jew whose grandfather fought in the War of Independence?” And he said, you can help me resist. He invited me to this SJP protest to free this 15 year-old Palestinian girl, whom the Israelis threw into jail for no reason which Saeed and the rest of the group agreed they always do just to show their power. He said she was traumatized by witnessing the murder of her cousin and in a justified rage fought back. That’s awful. Power corrupts everyone, I guess even my people, which is why I need to stand up double hard for people like Saeed whom we’ve wronged in so many ways.

“The past is the past, we just want to live together in peace, Jews and Arabs,” he said, “the Jews fleeing the holocaust like your grandfather, they had nowhere else to go, but we let them in and they took advantage of our kindness. But they live here, and they should still be able to because they built their lives here, but the land must be restored to its rightful Palestinian owners, the refugees who were kicked out in 1948, that’s all I ask.* You Jews could live in peace as long as I am allowed to return to the house my family was forced out of.” My heart melted. After how much my family has wronged his family, he still harbours no hatred and still wants to live side by side in peace. It made me want to join his cause more. I hugged him. He told me there’s a Jewish Voice for Peace event happening, and I realize right then and there that this was the group for me, a group of conscientious progressive Jews who want to right a historical wrong our people committed, to proclaim “Not in our name!” It’s the least I could do for Saeed.

I realized that all the stuff that they say about Students for Justice in Palestine being antisemitic is bogus. They’re just students who want justice in Palestine, what could possibly be wrong with that? The Jews who say that are doing so because they don’t want these marginalized voices heard. Well I’m going to be the voice of the downtrodden, I will say what no Jew I know would say: I will speak truth to power. Saeed isn’t antisemitic, he wants to live in peace with us despite us stealing his land. He embodies the power of forgiveness. So I’m doing this for him.”

* This is what many Palestinian activists say in English to gain favor and elicit guilt. Extending the law of return seems simple and fair, but if you look into it, it just means the Arabs will take over demographically, meaning an end to the Jewish State. And as much as they say in English that as long as we right this “historic wrong” and just let a few million Arabs in we can all live together in peace, in Arabic they say that this is a step to creating a new Arab country by the very democratic process Israel prides itself on. And this means, out of revenge, no more Jews.



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