Near-Lynch Victims Meet Palestinian Who Saved Their Lives

A group of American Yeshiva boys who were almost lynched by palestinians in Hebron nearly two and half years ago have met the man who saved them – a palestinian who sheltered them in his home until they were rescued by Israeli security forces.

Note: the below video is in Hebrew but parts are in English – and you will understand what is going on enough to give you the warm and fuzzies.


Nearly two and a half years after being saved from an angry mob, two Chasidic men arranged a reunion with the Palestinian man who rescued them from what appeared to be certain death.

According to Israel’s News 20, Moshe Lefkowitz and Shlomo Kraus shared an emotional meeting with Faiz Reit in Gush Etzion last week, recalling the frightening moments when Waze directed them into a Palestinian neighborhood while on their way to Mearas Hamachpeila (The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron – Aussie Dave).

As previously reported on VIN News, Lefkowitz and Kraus were with three other American yeshiva students whose car was set on fire after being surrounded by dozens of stone throwing Palestinians. Reit intervened, sheltering the group in his home until they were rescued by Israeli security forces.

Kraus referred to Reit as an angel as he greeted him warmly saying, “From death to life. You saved us. You brought us back to life.”

“We are all brothers, all of us and we need to live together in the same land and it should be peaceful and good,” replied Reit, who received death threats in the days following the heroic rescue.

The two Chasidic men introduced Reit to their wives, telling him that it was only through his bravery that they lived to marry.  Reit responded by blessing them with good luck, sons and happiness.

Both men bestowed Reit with warm wishes of their own, delivered in Arabic.

“Thank you for saving our lives,” said Lefkowitz. “May G-d bless you.”

Lefkowitz and Kraus presented Reit with a letter of blessing, translated into Arabic, as well as an elaborate gilded chandelier, festooned with flowers.  The fixture was so large that it took three men to maneuver it into Reit’s small hatchback.

“This is for you, for a present, because … you lit up our lives so we want to light up your life forever and ever with this,” said Kraus.

Watching footage of the daring rescue, the Charedi men recalled how Reit rushed them into his home, urging them in Hebrew to be patient, reassuring them that the police would get them out of Chevron and providing them with hospitality.

“We asked for water,” said Kraus. “Not only did he give water, first he drank the water to show there’s no poison, there was nothing wrong and then he gave us.

”The reunion ended with hugs, an exchange of phone numbers and a promise by Lefkowitz and Kraus to come visit Reit in his home, possibly with the other three men who had been in their group.

“We can never forget about him,” said Kraus. “We will never forget about him.”


David Lange

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