Ontario Jews To Host “Liberation Seder for Palestine”

Their logo looks like a low-fat jello company instead of an organization that somehow supports and runs Jewish “life cycle events, rituals, rabbinic services, counseling, art, culture, research, and education.” while denouncing Israel, despite practically every Jewish holiday, ritual, and life cycle event centering around our deep ties to the land.

Hey guys, did you hear? The turkeys are hosting a thanksgiving dinner! In other words, the Jewish Liberation Theology Institute, a rather innocuous name for a rather masochistic group, is hosting a “Liberation Seder for Palestine” in three Ontario cities: London, Hamilton, and Toronto: home to University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, and University of Toronto/York/Ryerson. As usual, they are preying on the young.

Because nothing liberates Palestine like removing Israel’s free press and imposing a theocratic, kleptocratic dictatorship in its stead!

Moving on:

This year’s Seder will remember the Nakba and Land Day. We are pleased to annouce that the Jewish Liberation Theology’s very own Rabbi Lucia Pizarro is back to lead this year’s Seder in Toronto.

The only Jewish Liberation Passover is actually about is leaving the bondage of Egypt and finally being able to freely be ourselves in our land, Israel.

Things that make you go hmm.

Our Liberation Seder draws on the legacy of Rabbi Akiva who used the Pesach Seder to plan a revolutionary struggle against the Romans

Jews planning a revolutionary struggle against invaders who claimed our land was theirs… Hmmmm….  funny how they don’t see the irony in this comparison.

The ritual of the Seder gives us an opportunity to contend not only with legacies of oppression but also with current suffering that we survive, that we perpetrate and in which we are complicit.

So it’s all our fault? Yeah, everybody blame the Jews!

All three Seders will have the reading of the Haggadah followed by a vegetarian Middle Eastern dinner.

I thought Jews don’t belong to the Middle East! I guess that either makes this cultural appropriation, or y’all are just wrong.

Our Seder is dedicated to a free Palestine and the liberation of all peoples.

Except your own.

And then of course, as expected, in the “About Us:”

We stand firm in our support of the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the State of Israel, until it fully complies with international law and ceases its systematic violations of Palestinian human rights.

And I plan to firmly make fun of you until you choose to grow a brain, put your feelings and ideology aside for a bit, and learn what is actually going on in this country.

And the cherry (or grape?) on top of the (fruit)cake?

Grape juice (fruit of the vine) will be included for the ritual part of the Seder. Unfortunately, the Ontario Government has moved its application system for Special Occassion Permits online. This system removes any human descetion from the decision making process. As a result, our application was rejected. We will not be able to serve wine this year. We will address this for next year.

Methinks some sour grapes?

Aussie Dave adds: This kind of thing has been going on for a while.



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