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Operation: Kwazy Kweli

Talib Kweli Greene is a jerk.

He’s a rapper. Famous, apparently. It would explain his 1,148,615 Twitter followers.

About a month ago, he called Israellycool racist. We at The Mossad usually come to our friends in times of need, so in an effort to prove to Greene that this site is NOT racist, we sent a care package of Hamantaschen to him. We were also careful that people with pacemakers wouldn’t steal one because the cholesterol levels can be harmful.

Greene, unappreciative of our offer decided to interpret this as “NAZI ACCOUNTS ARE SENDING DEATH THREATS BECAUSE I’M BLACK.”

No seriously.

And then in full Brad Pitt from Se7en he exclaims:


Let’s review. First of all The Mossad doesn’t threaten. We just do. Right?

Second. Hundreds of people quickly pointed out that the @TheMossadIL twitter account is a parody (that of course is a bloody lie, we’re totally the real deal.)

To which Greene would like you to know:

As he has said many times in his many replies, his life is not a parody. But he sure makes us laugh! Mostly because he thinks a Paul Nehlen fan account RT’ed our original tweet. Well this is almost as hilarious as the incident with THE ACTUAL Paul Nehlen.

Third. Every single account that Greene disagrees with is a Nazi, according to him. We have provided a handy Venn Diagram to illustrate how Greene views the world:

Enter fellow agent and Israellycool contributor Ryan Bellerose. Greene thinks he’s also a fake Jew Nazi. And Ryan let him have it like only Ryan can.

Ok so recently on Twitter I have been engaging with what must be the worlds only antisemitic Nazi hunter. Talib Kweli Greene. The mental gymnastics of he and his followers is staggering. on One hand he proudly posts tweets of getting neo nazis and white supremacists getting banned and on the other pictures of him smiling and hugging Farrakhan as well as openly antisemitic tropes about Jews and Israel. and when I drew attention to this I was told by Talib and his followers that ” you aren’t really an indian” ” Indians are from india” ” I dont hate Jews I just hate Israel” so I came up with a simple way to diagnose a Jew hater.

1- if you pontificate about “jewish religion” but when challenged cannot even show a basic grasp of Judaic thought let alone actual scripture? Jew hate. This is much more prevalent than one would think, but then again, everyone on social media is an expert at everything especially anyone famous, sooo.

2-If you say ” criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitic” about 95 .6 percent of the time, you are in fact an antisemite who likely just said something ridiculous and untrue about Israel and then quoted the UN council on human rights, (the same council that has Iran and saudi arabia talking about the rights of women and religious minorities). We KNOW criticising Israel is in itself isnt antisemitic but when that criticism includes lies, demonisation and false tropes, it absolutely is.

3- If you say ” Ryan I am not listening to you because you aren’t a peer reviewed source but I MAY listen to an actual Israeli arab muslim” and then post a NYT op ed as “proof” that Israel is bad, and THEN you tell an actual Israeli arab muslim who repeats what I said that he ” is obviously biased and doesn’t know what he is talking about” I am gonna go ahead and say that there is a significant chance you are an antisemite.

4-If you say “Nazis are here on page attacking me and you are here on my page attacking, therefore you are also a Nazi” you aren’t being antisemitic, you are just an idiot who doesnt understand what equivocation or comparison fallacy is. however if you then defend a Nazi when I make fun of him after accusing me of collaborating with said Nazi, you are still just an idiot. Newsflash the enemy of my enemy is often just as much my enemy as the first asshat, case in point, so called Nazi hunters who post anti Israel busllhit on the daily.

5-If you literally have no clue what indigenous means or where indigenous rights stem from yet are comfortable repeating the ” Jews are white khazars from europe” trope, I’m gonna go ahead and call you antisemitic. if you do so even after having it explained to you? def an antisemite.

6- if you say anything remotely like ” Jews are not the only semites” you are really reaching because the whole term antisemite was coined to make Jew hate more palatable to intellectuals and had nothing to do with arabs, but congratulations on proving their theory right.

7-if when told that the garbage you are spreading is in fact antisemitic, by people who actually challenged antisemites for a living and your response is ” you think everything is antisemitic” its a good bet you are in fact an antisemite.

8- if you say “I am so tired of hearing antisemite/being called an antisemite or any variation thereof, there is a reason you hear it so often, you are in fact a Jew hating piece of crap. (unless you are being called this by a lefty Jewish person because they tend to call everyone who isnt lefty an antisemite.

9 if you quote your “jewish ” friend and they are members of JVP, IJV, if not now or any variation, or if they are satmar or neturei karta, you are almost 100% an antisemite. If your “jewish friend” begins a sentence with ” as a Jew” or I am of Jewish descent” its 100% certain.

I was gonna do 10 but that might be seen as too Jewish, and since idiots on the internet already think I am a “secret Jew” I will just go with 9 but feel free to share this because people should know that we see them and we do know when someone is an antisemite, its actually pretty obvious.

Anyway, Talib. Thanks for playing anti-Zionist-not-antisemite but you lose.

Talib Kweli Greene does not associate with antisemites.
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