About That Video of the Palestinian Teen Shot In Back: Another Pallywood Production

At least ever since Muhammad al-Durrah faked his death and became an icon in the 2nd Intifada, the palestinians have learned the effectiveness of a good Pallywood hoax. It is so important to them that they are willing to endanger the lives of their own children as non-consenting pawns to get the perfect shot. Too many times, this ends in their actual deaths to which Hamas claims as a win in the war of public opinion.

The media, even the Israeli media, are sharing this video supposedly of Abdel Fattah Abdel Nabi getting shot in the back as he’s running away from the border fence.

This same event was shot from many different phones from many different angles.

Here’s a less edited video of the same incident from another angle.

You’ll notice in this version, the whole thing feels like you’re watching a crowd of people cheering on their kids as they’re running a relay-race at track and field day:

  1. Why is he crawling at the beginning? The beginning of the obstacle course?
  2. Why is he so desperate to get that tire? Surely if he was running for his life he could forgo it.
  3. Why is the crowd cheering and clapping?
  4. Why is there a crowd watching him to begin with?
  5. At exactly 0:30 you hear a gunshot (like a pellet gun) from the crowd and 0.2 seconds later the sound of the bullet hitting the ground. The clear intention here is to create the illusion that the runners are under fire. I can get into the physics of the speed of a bullet vs the speed of sound if the gunshot came from the side of the camera or from the border fence but that’s so not my expertise. It’s enough for me to tell you that sniper rifles don’t sound like that. Especially if shot from a distance.
  6. Why is the tire being handed off to another runner? Is this a relay race?
  7. Right after the alleged “shot in the back”, there is applause from the audience.

If you need further evidence of staged “deaths” from Friday’s violent protest, look no further than this man who somehow got shot while praying. If Pallywood gave out Razzie Awards this one would take every category.

(This video must be seen to be believed)

Amazingly none of the other people praying even flinched. Good thing 12 people were there to catch him when he fell. Also amazing how someone had the foresight to film a mundane scene of a group of people praying.



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