WATCH: Jews Ascending the Temple Mount Met with Toddlers With Plastic Knives

This isn’t a scene from Gaza or even Judea or Samaria. This is a scene from our very own holy capital of Jerusalem, recorded by my friend Michael during his ascent.

East Jerusalem parents are teaching their children young, arming toddlers with plastic knives and encouraging them to “stab” Jews with them.

All these Jews want to do is be able to access their most sacred site, where they are, as per the peace agreement with Jordan, not allowed to pray, to ascend in anything less modest than a floor-length skirt, and face being rejected for arbitrary reasons. Jews who do make it up are taunted by hordes of Arab women who are paid to make them feel uncomfortable.

Why? Because the area is apparently sort of holy to Muslims. This is debatable, since for a place so ‘holy’ it was in quite the state of disrepair until the early 1960’s, when the PLO, an organization founded in Egypt to undermine the Jewish indigenous case for Israel, decided that it can be used as a political tool to “prove” the indigenous status of the Arabs.

Suddenly, the dilapidated Al Aqsa mosque built long after Mohammed’s death became a symbol of Palestinian “resistance” to the “humiliating” Jewish rule, especially after 1967, when the Jews reclaimed the land over the Green Line, then illegally occupied by Jordan. It was simply against Allah, therefore unacceptable, for any Muslim holy place to be on territory ruled by dhimmis, who are supposed to be of a subservient caste. Moreover, even the idea of Jews, Christians, and Muslims praying together on a shared holy site is blasphemous to Muslims, who resort to intimidation tactics to keep non-Muslims away. Meanwhile, people of all faiths are allowed to pray at the Western Wall, despite it only being a Jewish holy site, because we see nothing blasphemous in praying together in peace. Blood libels were invented to incite Arabs against Jews, including claims that Jews were trying to destroy the mosque in digging underneath, a claim that is widely debunked, and indeed, the Arabs did plenty of digging themselves in order to hoard away and destroy literal mountains of evidence of Jewish ties to the Temple Mount area.

Now, children as young as two in the Palestinian Territories and East Jerusalem are taught at home and in school that their major goal in life is to become a martyr, murder innocent Jews, and take back Palestine for the Muslims. In fact, the Palestinian Authority has a special fund, totaling 10% of their budget, to pay generous salaries to any Arab who succeeds at murdering Jews, or, if they are in prison, the salary is paid to their families. This fund ensures that such hateful, violent behavior is widely encouraged, and taught at a young age. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves:




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