Experts Weigh In: Why Is Israel Losing The PR War And How Can We Save Ourselves?


4Ryan Bellerose

Ryan Bellerose, Metis activist, blogger

“First, the elephant in the room is that people are predisposed to believe the worst of Jews and by extension Israel, so we are not starting from a position of equality but in fact are starting from behind.

That said, there is no excuse for Israeli PR to be so bad. I coined the term “cherry tomato advocacy” because the tone-deaf way in which Israelis did PR was almost laughable if the stakes were not so high. When someone makes a statement , even a false one, you need to understand that statement and its impact before making a response. Hence, someone holding up a picture of a dead child should never be responded to by saying “but we invented the cherry tomato” or ” we are good at science.”

Jews in general place a high value on honesty, but they must learn that positioning, timing and salemanship must be used with honesty or that honesty will be used as a weapon against you and your people.

There is no quid pro quo, the other side has no compunction about using falsehoods, twisting a grain of truth into something unrecognisable and other methods to delegitimise Jews and Israel. Their narrative (which is a narrative not a history) relies entirely on emotional manipulation because if examined on a fact basis it falls apart.

We cannot rely on the truth alone, we must get better at story telling, at debunking nonsense, and even mockery as those tools are what is needed when dealing with these situations.

  • expose how ridiculous some of these things are, do not hold back.
  • pay attention to timing and positioning, do not blindly rush in.
  • understand how arguments work and have a plan both long and short term.
  • never , ever give credibility to false arguments because then you lose

Understand that honesty is key but it must be used wisely or it will be turned against you. The other side does not hear ” I am willing to sacrifice land for peace” they hear “I am not strong enough in my convictions to suffer for them so I will give up”  it really is that simple