Haters Attack Stephen Marley For…Liking Jews or Something


Haters have gone after Stephen Marley, son of Bob Marley, for this poster of his latest tour:

I am guessing it is because Marley is dressed in a tallit, Jewish prayer shawl. Or perhaps because the blue and white is reminiscent of an Israeli flag? It is so hard to tell – hatred of Israel is almost invariably motivated by hatred of Jews after all.

Not that it matters; the Israeli flag is actually based on the tallit, reinforcing the centrality of Zionism in Judaism.

The blue stripes are intended to symbolize the stripes on a tallit, the traditional Jewish prayer shawl. The portrayal of a Star of David on the flag of the State of Israel is a widely acknowledged symbol of the Jewish people and of Judaism.

Those pesky Marleys and their love of Israel.

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