A-ha Says No-No To BDS


World famous Norwegian band A-ha is in Israel ahead of their Thursday night show here. And at a press conference today, they revealed there was never any question about playing here and ignoring boycott calls.

“Fundamentally, we believe that music is a bridge builder and we believe that you go and play to an audience, you don’t ask them their political views,” Furuholmen said.

“Anywhere in the world you go, you go to play to people who [have] a relationship with our music and it’s the same here for us.”

Harket agreed that a-ha’s visit to Israel was solely about the music.

“There’s a lot of noise about it but the decision to come was never hard,” he said. “We come here to play to people. It’s not a political move by us and it would be wrong if we started to mix that in. You have to be very careful because all of the sudden, you end up playing nowhere in the world.”

Yep, unless you are an antisemite who focuses on Israel as the source of all evil in the world. Right, Roger?

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